Quinlan Signs With the Als

The headline says it all. Quinlan's going to Montreal.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/05/mac-qb-quinlan-gets-his-cfl-shot-but-not-with-the-ticats.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... icats.html[/url]

His performance last season makes him absolutely derserving of this. He's very young and he has size and great instinct. Looking at what Marc Trestman did with Tebow. Congratulations young man !

yawn.. doesn't mean anything unless he actually makes the team.

Trestman does not do PR stunts. He's getting his shot and that's exciting.

Agree 100%. This isn't a PR move. Quinlan was signed because the Alouettes brain trust thinks he can make the team. He will get a legitimate shot to make the team and that is very exciting. If a QB guru like Trestman thinks Quinlan has what it takes, that says a lot to me.

Kind of disappointed the cats didn't sign him. But I think he'll be better off in Montreal behind Calvillo and McPherson. I hope he develops into a great quarterback!

If this guy gets a real chance he could play in the CFL as a starter. He is the real deal. :thup:
He could be the future for Montreal. Good for MONTREAL :thup:

yes, he could be a starter (or at least a formidable backup) if developed properly and with due diligence.

As we know, most clubs quickly discard Canadian QB's for political and stereotypical reasons which I hope will not be the case with Quinlan, especially if he has the ability and talent.

Another Russ Jackson would do the CFL proud. :thup:

Sadly you are right but Montreal's coach likes to win and doesn't care about PR. Trestman , is no dummy.
If he has a great camp Montreal will keep him. :cowboy:

As a Ticat fan, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the Ticats organization. What was Obie thinking (or not thinking)? Obviously, Jim Popp saw the potential. He must have realized that Quinlan is a rising star quarterback in the CIS and that he didn't win the Vanier Cup along with his Marauders teammates by pure luck or coincidence! The fact that Quinlan wasn't drafted was a shock in itself, but to have the Ticats pass him over altogether and allow a divisional rival to get him is inexcusable. It's true that Popp needs to develop a squad of QB's to eventually replace Calvillo, and I applaud him for being proactive in that process. However, Obie needs to do the same thing to eventually replace Burris. We're always hearing about CFL teams complaining about the lack of Non-Import (Canadian) depth on their rosters. Taking on some CIS players (especially those that have appeared in championship games!) would certainly help to alleviate that issue. Could it be that Jim Popp is turning out to be a better General Manager than Bob O'Billovich? For the sake of the Ticats team itself, I hope not... but it's going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise. This is really disappointing... :thdn:

of course...ultimately talent should prevail, although not necessarily in regards to Canadian QB's cracking a CFL lineup.

All the best to Kyle. :thup:

No surprise. This guy is too good an athlete not to be in camp. I don't know if he can be a CFL QB, but this guys can certainly be a CFL player of some sort.

No, clubs discard Canadian QBs because they are miles behind their American counterparts. CFL coaches and GMs aren't stupid. If a Canadian player can play as well as an American at the same position, he won't be dismissed out of hand because of his passport. In fact, he'll be prized as a ratio-breaker. The sad fact is that the quality of competition in the CIS is nowhere close to U.S. college ball, which means that CIS quarterbacks have a huge deficit when they go pro.

Not totally true. :thdn: How can you explain that many CIS players have signed with NFL clubs?
Most of the CFL coaches and GM's are American born and they do have a biased against Canadian Q.B.s , just like you seem too.
I am not saying that every CIS / Q.B. can play in the CFL but this guy CAN if he is given a chance.
His style of play , running ability and very strong arm are a perfect fit to play in the CFL. :thup:
You still have to have speed and be able to throw the ball and he has it in spades.

Have you ever seen him play?

Except teams don't get any ratio advantage by having a Canadian QB. I'm not saying you're wrong, and I absolutely do not want this to turn into another ratio-debate thread, but QBs don't count towards the ratio and that is part of the reason (part, not all) that teams are reluctant to employ Canadian QBs.

That is very true. It is another big reason. The CFL should change that rule for Canadian QBs that are this high quality.

Fair enough, but even so, why would a coach kick a Canadian to the curb if he could outperform an American quarterback? Unless you're a complete reactionary, in today's pro sport world, you can't afford to overlook quality talent because of nationality.

Yeh but the CFL is the only league that this has to happen. There is a limit on imports. How many Canadians do you honestly think would be starting if there were no mandate to do so. CFL and maybe the European semi pro hockey league does this have to happen.

I don't disagree with you at all. Teams will take the best player, but nine times out of ten, that player will be an American. The term "ratio buster" exists for a reason. If QBs counted towards the ratio, I believe that almost every team would at least attempt to employ a Canadian QB. But there are other reasons why we have seen very few CIS QBs make CFL rosters over the past 20 years.

For starters, it's simply a numbers game. There are how many college football programs in the US (the number is 120 for FBS alone) compared to the two dozen or so Canadian university teams. It's simply easier to find one or two or ten out of 400 programs than it is to find one in 25.

Secondly, a lot of QBs that come up here do so after having attended an NFL training camp or two. Colt Brennan will be a CFL "rookie" this year, but he spent two years with the Washington Redskins and one year with the Oakland Raiders. Darian Durant spent time with the Baltimore Ravens. Very few QBs go from an NCAA program to the CFL. They exhaust their NFL options first and arrive in the CFL at 23, 24, 25 years old. That means they are already accustomed to the faster professional game, something CIS QBs were not exposed to until recently (when the league allowed for CIS QBs to come to training camp; Sinopoli and Quinlan being two QBs who took advantage of that). Just seeing how fast the players are in the NFL gives the American QBs a leg up on their Canadian counterparts, an advantage the league is trying to take away by allowing underclassmen to participate in training camps.

Finally, up until recently, the CIS has not been turning out professional-level QBs; however, we are slowly seeing the level of competition increase in CIS football. The players are getting better and the games are getting better. An increase in competition will lead to an increase in the professional readiness of CIS QBs which will better equip them for the next level.

The Japanese pro baseball league that has been around for over 100 years has a Japanese player quota system , as well.
Look how many great Japanese baseball players now play in MLB , like , ICHIRO and GODZILLA ect...
The Japanese National team has won the TRUE world championship of baseball 2 times in a row.

Again , how many Canadians are signing with NFL clubs both from playing at American schools and from the CIS.?

I am not saying that it is equal amount compared to the American players but you are really under valuing Canadian football talent.

By the way , MONTREAL just signed QUINLAN to a 2 year contract. :thup: