Quinlan looked pretty ordinary

This kid sure didn't look all that impressive today, looked pretty plain and ordinary.

A lot of poor passes and poor decision making.

How many ordinary canadian college quarterbacks throw for 200+ yards in the 2nd quarter alone.
He played against an incredible defence.
Gimme a break. :thdn: :lol:

all i saw were overthrows.
if this is the best canadian QB in CIS history, it's no wonder no canadian QBs are playing in the CFL.

What are you talking about ? He played against one of the best CIS defense I've seen, Laval had two guys who were drafted last year, two that would have been drafted in the top five had they shown a better attitude. He was hit over 10 times and barely had enough time to drop back for most of the game and he managed to still move the ball. Mac was unable to run the ball at all against Laval. IMO that Laval is tainted because of Plesius and Nadon. Mac didn't lose because of Quninlan, they lost the battle at the LOS badly.

Yes, you are right. The best Canadian football players are scouted in high school by the NCAA and given scholarships. The NCAA has scouted in Canada and taken players like John Cornish that went to Kansas, they haven’t taken any QBs in Canada because the talent isn’t there.
As for the best QB in CIS history? what about Sinopoli in Calgary? he had huge numbers in the CIS.
Everyone thought that after setting CIS passing records that Josh Sacobie would probably play in the CFL - his numbers were better than Quinlans, but we quickly forget. Remember Danny Brannigan? most TD passes ever in the CIS

Most of these guys were good by CIS standards and set all kinds of records but not good enough to play professional.

[url=http://english.cis-sic.ca/sports/fball/2011-12/releases/20111206-oua]http://english.cis-sic.ca/sports/fball/ ... 111206-oua[/url]

Don't kid yourself. The NCAA doesn't take Canadian QBs because Americans don't want non-Americans at the most visible, high-profile position in football. American coaches, even those in the CFL, are similarly biased. No Canadian QBs because God forbid we should interfere with the meteoric rise of such American superstars as Tee Martin, Chris Leak, Stanley Jackson, Spergeon Wynn, Timmy Chang, and Cody Pickett. :roll:

If the league ever grows the stones to mandate that teams carry at least one Canadian QB on their starting roster, we'd soon see that Canadian QBs are capable of excelling if you invest in their development and give them a fair chance.

Its not just the league. Even Morreale who works for the CFLPA would not support that idea during half time. They just don't want it unfortunately until something is done, the best athletes won't want to play the position. How crazy is that !

Yeah, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kids know that Canadian QBs have no future, so the best athletes among them go to other positions. If carrying a Canadian QB were mandatory for every CFL team, we'd soon see better athletes at QB in CIS.

And how did he look in last years Vanier Cup?

They don't take Canadian Qb,s due to the fact , they have 30 to 1 ratio of American QB,S to Canadian . They are better trained and are ready to run pro offences. The Canadian kids, by their own admission are way behind the curve when attending a pro camps. A lot of our athletes are involved in hockey, football is behind, Hockey,soccer and baseball in registration amongst our youth. I agree they should designate a extra roster spot for a Canadian QB .

Yeah, keep believing that conspiracy theory, that American coaches are racists against Canadians and don't want them as qbs. If there was a Canadian qb talented enough, the US college coaches would be all over him. They could give a rats ass what his passport says.

i respect that cflisthebest was trying to talk about Quinlan and the rest of the game. instead it gets turned into the Canadian QB thread... even though we already have several.

Quinlan threw for 335... 25 for 40. thats still over 60% completion. pretty good numbers IMHO

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/laval-defeats-mcmaster-to-win-the-48th-vanier-cup]http://www.cfl.ca/article/laval-defeats ... vanier-cup[/url]

You guys are harsh. I remember watching a young kid who was nothing short of a disaster for the Ti Cats back in the 90's, after a great college career, and he eventually turned into a decent QB. Some kid named Calvillo.

Quinlan won the Hec Crighton and not on his good looks. He had an off game. When someone can name a top QB, north or south of the border, who's never had a bad game I'll join the lynch mob. By the way, Mr Calvillo looked awfully ordinary last week himself so I guess he's over rated too. :roll:

I was at the game and Quinlan only looked ordinary if you compare him to the last 22 games in a row that he won(a record) ! Laval is no slouch of a team. McMaster D couldn't stop the run and Laval's punter should get a look-see by the CFL !

D&P is right, it's no conspiracy, but why not give a Canadian QB a chance to develop ? We all know they are behind, but they never get a cnance.

Kind of hard to look like anything other than ordinary when your o line gives you zero time to even plant your feet. :roll:

The O line lost the battle last night badly. DAN38 has a good point about the punter, he and the punt team were the difference in the game in my opinion. With his booming punts and the great coverage McMaster started almost every drive with horrible field position. Laval deserved the win, they out played McMaster in all facets of the game.

Sadly, the Laval punter will be an import in the CFL since he was born in France. Should get a look from someone though he has a powerful kick.

Despite playing against arguably the greatest defense the CIS has ever had, Quinlan still threw for over 300 yards. And let's not forget what he did last year and during this season (he won a little award called the Hec Creighton). I'm probably the biggest Mac basher on this forum and even I'll admit that Quinlan is one heckuva player.

As for Canadian QBs (which, let's be honest, we knew this thread would devolve into), I don't believe mandating a position for one is a good idea. At this point, there just aren't eight Canadian QBs worthy of roster spots.

As great as Quinlan was at Mac, keep your eye on a guy named Will Finch. He's a freshman at Western (and played some at the end of this season). He was at training camp with the Ti-Cats this year and this kid has the goods. If Quinlan isn't the QB to break the glass ceiling, Finch will be.

Will he really be considered an import? Hamilton's punter Josh Bartel, an Australian, is a non-import. What are the specific requirements to be considered a non-import?

I don't think he will be. Josh Bartel was born in Australia and counts as a non-import. Where you were born isn't the basis for import or non-import status; it is a more complicated formula that has to do with where you grew up and where you got your football training. Bartel had never played football before, so he counts as a non-import. I don't know the story of the punter from Laval, but just because he was born/raised outside of Canada doesn't mean he'll automatically be labelled an import.

I was assuming. I am not familiar with the wording of the rule so I could be wrong. I didn't know Bartel was an NI. He was born and raised in Australia, although never played American football until brought over. As for Laval's punter I don't think he should be an import. He's played his college ball in Canada so that should count for something. The import rule should protect the Canadian system as well as the Canadian born player.