Quinlan a future TiCat?

Even though he missed 3 games due to suspension, Kyle Quinlan (Mauraders) had an incredible season, and was the top rated passer in University football.
With his inspired play, Mac is vying for it's first Vanier title and marks the first appearance in the final in a long suffering 44 years.

And if the team wins the Cup with Quinlan at the helm, dare I say he will receive some decent CFL interest.

This young man has pinpoint accuracy, great running ability, and a strong arm. A good fit for the CFL.
This would be a great opportunity for the Cats to snag and develop a local home grown product, especially in the all too rare QB category.


Its a possibility.

I think what helped him this year for Mac, was being in training camp with the Cats last year.

Watching him at TC, he looked quite confident and poised playing with the big boys.

I think who ever drafts him, he could sit in the 3rd stronger spot and learn the ropes and wait for his opportunity.
It would be awesome if he could eventually be a starter in this league.

I doubt any team would draft him, every year a CIS QB will rack up great numbers and then the outcry of they should be signed by a CFL team. Just too many top (and much better) prospects in the NCAA, who are one step away from making the NFL but want t come to the CFL to get noticed. CFL teams are too busy trying to fill the Cdn ratio with OLs, receivers and then the backup linebackers etc. A Canadian QB has to go to university in the US to have any chance of playing QB anywhere.

And that's a shame, MikeM.

Calgary drafted Sinopoli in the 3rd round last year. IMO, Quinlan is twice as talented as Sinopoli. He’s taller, has a bigger arm, he’s more accurate. And both guys run really well.

Only problem is Sinopoli never got arrested for assaulting a police officer.

Won't it be cool having both our TiCats and Marauders both playing in Vancouver for their Championships!! :thup:

Just to be clear here, the 3 QB's on a team's roster can be either imports or non-imports. If one or more is a non-import the team still must dress 20 other non-imports.


Tiger Town will be a swinging place no doubt. :rockin:

That is why it's very rare to draft a Canadian QB, it's one position that players have to compete one on one you are not given an advantage because you are Canadian. Quinlan may look good against CIS defences but he has never faced anything like a big/fast NCAA defence. The scouts at CIS games are not looking at the QBs they are looking at the Canadian positions, the CFL scouts such as Danny Mac are south of the border looking at QBs in the NCAA

The only way a Canadian will ever start at QB is if he played in the NCAA and the only way to play QB in the NCAA is if you went to High School in the US and given a football scholarship. I remember the story of that kid who was spotted at Danny McManus's football camp a couple of years ago. He was around 12 and had a great arm and raw talent to be a QB, Danny told his parents that your kid has talent and if he wants a future as a QB they should send him to school in the US.

I thought the best CIS QB was that kid at Ottawa U who set all kinds of CIS passing records a couple of years ago, he had all the stats but no interest. (sorry can't remember his name)

Are you talking about Ottawa U's Brad Sinopoli, who is now with the Calgary Stampeders?

No the guy before that - Josh Sacobie, he graduated in 09 and Sinopoli took over. He had better stats than Sinopoli.

http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-194821703.html [url=http://www.footballcanada.com/News/OldNews/tabid/63/NewsID/762/language/en-CA/Default.aspx]http://www.footballcanada.com/News/OldN ... fault.aspx[/url] [url=http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Josh+Sacobie+waits+for+his+chance+in+a+CFL+spot.-a0194821703]http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Josh+Saco ... 0194821703[/url]

I still remember pulling for St Mary's Bill Robinson when he was with the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Quarterback controversy

Jerry Keeling was projected as the starting quarterback for the Rough Riders while Condredge Holloway was expected to be the quarterback of the future. Holloway was selected in the 12th round of the 1975 NFL Draft by New England Patriots [1] but they were projecting him only as a wide receiver or defensive back.

General Manager Frank Clair made five trips to try to get Holloway signed. Clair pursued another well known college quarterback, Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Tom Clements. Clements had just been dropped from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers negotiation list and following a substantial bonus offer, signed with Ottawa. After the acquisition of Clements, Holloway soon signed with the club.

Bill Robinson, a Canadian quarterback who led schools to appearances in the 1973 and 1974 Vanier Cup [3] was trying to earn a spot on the roster as a quarterback.

Robinson competed for the spot against Notre Dame quarterback Tom Clements and Tennessee quarterback Condredge Holloway. Before training camp, Robinson was treated poorly by the organization as his $13,000 contract was mailed to him. The contract stated that there was no signing bonus and no negotiation.

Tony Gabriel stated that Robinson was the best passer in camp. Even Tom Clements stated that Robinson threw better than him. In an intra squad game, Robinson completed 10 of 13 passes.[4] In his first preseason game, Robinson completed 3 of 6 passes, included a 48 yard pass to Tony Gabriel.

In the three remaining preseason games, Robinson only had 8 minutes of playing time. CFLPA president George Reed was furious at the Rough Riders organization. Fans were highly critical of the poor treatment that Robinson received. The problem was that the Rough Riders guaranteed the contracts of Clements and Holloway. Robinson would be placed on the 21 day injury list with tonsillitis although his tonsils had been removed years earlier. He would make the team as a defensive back and special teams player. Surprisingly, Holloway and Clements developed so quickly that Brancato decided to trade Keeling to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats prior to the season-opener.


And I also remember pulling for Western's Jamie Bone.

University of Western Ontario quarterback Jamie Bone attended Tiger-Cats training camp but was cut. He took the Tiger-Cats to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging that he was never given a fair chance to compete for a quarterback position because he was Canadian. During the proceedings, the Tiger Cats admitted that they had made up their mind on who the starters would be. Bone won his case, and the tribunal awarded him $10,000.
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Ottawa_Rough_Riders_season]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Ottaw ... ers_season[/url]

The problem with the qb position is that it’s so crucial and so much pressure that coaches really prefer from the gate an American qb who has played in front of larger crowds and more intense TV audiences as well compared with the CIS guys so the thinking is they can handle the pressure. So right from the get go, the Canadian qb has a mark agains’t him even though they might have enough talent to be a starter in the CFL.


I think it's a prejudice, justified or not, about talent and development.

What about Larry Justanis ?????????

I really wish the league could work some benefit for a team with the ratio if they dress a Canadian QB. Something like, if your QB is Canadian, you get an extra import spot while he's playing. It would make sense to me.

No I disagree - look at Sinopoli, he made this team because he is GOOD, unlike all of the other Canadian players on the team that may be good players but they know that they got their start because of the ratio. Sinopoli went up against imports at his position and won the job fair and square with NO help from the ratio. It's rare that a player at that position can go up against the best out of the NCAA. The CIS QBs have never faced faster/stronger defences like the NCAA. Just spend a Saturday afternoon TV surfing the NCAA games and watch the QBs then watch the CIS QBs, a huge difference.
No the QB is the most important position on a team and that is one position where we should not try to get Canadians in there, we need the best person for the job.

I believe CFL teams are going to have to start seriously looking at CIS QBs as viable options. The belief that the NCAA is chock full of great prospects who want to come to the CFL to get noticed by the NFL is a myth, IMO. There is a shortage of guys who can play QB at a professional level in general, and the type of QBs who used to come to the CFL because they could not get looked at down south – mainly guys with good mobility – are now in vogue down there. And the NFL has even started accepting smallish QBs like Drew Brees. Other than Lulay and Tate, the CFL has not had a truly great QB prospect come into the league from U.S. college football for quite some time – maybe since Ricky Ray about a decade ago. IMO, it would be very smart for a CFL team to draft Quinlan fairly high (second or third round) and develop him the way Calgary is developing Sinopoli.

Not gonna happen.

You may be right, but if so, the league is going to continue to be short of good QBs, and it will only get worse IMO.