Quincy McDuffie is Special Teams Player of the Week

Congratulations to Quincy McDuffie in being named ST POTW his first game.


[b]McDuffie recognized as special teams player of the week[/b]

Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver/kick returner Quincy McDuffie has been recognized as the Canadian Football League’s Special Teams Player of the Week.

In his CFL debut against Winnipeg last Thursday, McDuffie recorded 152 return yards, including a 67-yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. He also carried the ball once for 14 yards.

I suppose he got the nod over Jackson because punts are harder to return for touchdowns than missed field goals.

Too bad that every time I heard his name, all I could think of was Mike Duffy. Both slippery guys with some shifty moves. But only one of them seems to be able to get out of a tight spot now.

The Duffy you are thinking of is too fat to get out of a tight spot. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Congratulations Quincy. A well deserved honour. :rockin:

Regarding Jackson: A few years ago I was at a Green game at IWS. He was fielding field goal attempts in the warm-up. One sailed into the crowd and was recovered by a very cute young blonde girl (5 or 6 years old?). The normal practice would be for the returner to ask for the ball back. Once he saw who had it he let her keep it. He immediately became one of my favourite (non Ticat) players. This is something that young girl will remember all of her life, I am sure. I know I will.

:thup: :thup:

Yeah, but he's not practicing today. I wonder why...

Jackson is definitely on my list of top five scariest players to play against, as far as likelihood to score any time they touch the ball. Having him as the opposing returner has to make coaches think hard about attempting any field goals longer than about twenty yards.

If only they had given him the ball on an end around on the last play. At the very least, it would have used up a more time and probably got close enough to try a long FG. Or maybe even a short one.

Way to Go Quincy, can't wait to see McDuffie and Banks together on returns, could be a heck of a track meet!!


Unfortunately I don't think that you will see it,although I think it would be great and intriguing I simply don't think the team could figure out a way to use them both on a game day 44 man roster.IMO there is simply not enough wiggle room to dress them both,especially with the fact that the team is being forced at the moment to employ 3 import spots on the O-Line. The other factor is that outside of them both being kick return specialists they both play at the receiver position,and the team is already struggling to find a way to get Ellingson back on the game day roster.I do agree though,if possible it would make for an interesting combo and scenario,but I can't see it happening right now,unless we get some of our key Cdn O-Line back off of the IL.

I believe there is lots of wiggle room...........sit Grant and activate McDuffie.

I would not do that McDuffie is 5’9 Grant is 6’4 Bigger Target I’d Keep Grant and Sit Tasker .

Thanks for the laugh CatsFaninOttawa! :lol: :thup:
Regarding Jackson - Rider fans were crying "foul" that he was overlooked but if you consider that they were playing the Redblacks and McDuffie was playing in his VERY first game against a tougher defense, I think the recognition is well deserved.

Congratulations to McDuffie! Well done! :thup: :thup: Seems now he is a big dinged up though. :frowning: