Quincy Carter

Could be a good pickup. I knew of his drug problems in the past obviously but not about bipolar-disorder. Interesting.


He was able to start in the NFL so he should be able to play at hte CFL level and he has a very good mentor in Calvillo. Excellent pickup

Wow; last couple of years all we had was Calvillo and nothing behind him (or less than nothing, if you include Ted White).

Now we've got Calvillo, Brady, and Carter. Not bad at all

......Lawrence Phillips tried this same route too.......I hope Carter works out for you guys....

Wow i love this signing. He is a better QB than Kerry Joesph, and Ricky Ray and this is not because he played in the NFL. I believe he will excel in a CFL style game. The problem that Quincy Carter had was he had no good receivers or offensive lines where he played. I think the Al's are going to change to the Montreal Bulldogs with all the Georgia players they have.

I believe we finally have a capable backup and a QB controversy in Montreal. AC has been great but he disappoints me in big games. Quincy i tink is usuing te CFL to make a second run at the NFL. I think he smart for giving the CFL a shot, this gives him a chance to show NFL teams what he has.

Well, if it doesn't work, we'll know where to send Carter then...

I dont know if he is gonna challenge Calvillo as the starter but he will provide a very good 1b option at QB and we wont need to live in fear of calvillo missing a couple of weeks. Also lets us rest AC once we clinch a playoff spot without losing momentum

or have a big enought lead


One more thing I can brag about to my NFL Georgia friends here.

He may fit in better with the CFL than the NFL. It'll just be that 12th man he'll have to watch out for!

Stop it! Quincy Carter is not going to throw for 5000-6000 yards and lead the Als to a Grey Cup. Relax people. Its great that he is there and will compete. He should be a great backup and a good apprentice to Calvillo. Take a deep breath, AC is still the best QB in the CFL. Think about it.

The point is that up untill now it AC we down the Als were dead in the water! They now have some backup

How can people say that Quincy Carter is not going to lead the Al's to a grey cup. Thats like when Bledsoe went down in New England saying Brady couldn't lead. Remember Robert Edwards was inactive for the first few games, and didn't see the field, look what he did! No offense but Quincy Carter is an experience QB, he doesn't have to learn anything from Cavillo. Thats like saying last year that Robert Edwards had to learn from Lapointe. These guys are talented and experienced, another words they are not rookies that need guidance. I don't think, i know Quincy Carter could lead the Al's to a grey cup. I'am not saying this because he played in the NFL, but he is in a great situation, no pressure, and he is playing with guys that he played in college with. Unlike last season i think we're in a great situation, for the first time i'am not scared if Cavillo goes down. Don't take this as Cavillo bashing, i still think he should be the starter.

The things is that the American and Canadian game are compleatly different.
Carter could be s superstar or he could be a bum. The point is that it is too early to make predictions!!!

Thats true he hasn’t played in a year. I’am a gambler and i’am going all in on his success.

Well, it's nice to have some proven backup for Calvillo instead of the giant sack of nothing known as Ted White. Not sure Carter can be a CFL starter but he's got to be better than White, Tavares Bolden, or any other backup QB we've had recently.

exzacly, Al's will be fomatable oppoints of the Blue and Gold this year.

What are you saying?
Now Maybe Mtl can beat Winnipeg?

Montreal and Winnipeg spilt the series last season (1 to 1), now with a good back up QB, they should have the dominate edge on the other teams and get a 3 to 1 series advantage over WPG.

it's a compiment, enjoy it whille it lasts.

Winnipeg got Brad Banks in the draft, which makes me mad. I was really hoping we could snag him; he's a great young QB with a bright future in this league. But since we've already got Carter and Brady, it wouldn't have been the right play. Oh well.

I just hope Carter doesn't pull a Laurence Phillips on us. Or if he does, let him do it AFTER we've won the Grey Cup. :wink: