Quincy Carter.

What happeded to Quincy last year. He was hyped as an NFL trained QB who had success in the NFL. Then in last year's camp Quincy was one the first cuts. Does anyone know why he was so suddenly cut from the team?

My hunch is because he wasn't good enough to crack the top 3 QB's ...

Sounds about right!

It speaks volumes that no else picked him up, either. Winnipeg was in desperate need of a backup QB, Hamilton needed help, but no one called Carter......

I'm afraid the penal system picked up Carter.


He had a bit of a drug problem. My bet is the Als caught wind of it in camp and set him loose before it became their problem, too.

No, he just really sucked in camp.
We had a good laugh at him

I saw him in practice and he was really bad. I mean, really, really bad.