Quincy Carter got the Apple and the road map today!

Yes I guess you can add another to the list of high profile players coming up thinking the CFL is going to be a cake walk. He is gone!

Oh ya!
Wow after only 4 days. I heard he pulled a groin yesterday but Im surprised he got cut!

Yup, good riddance !

Now let's see who will be Calvillo's backup...they can't be any worse thanBIG Teddy White !

I was going to say I posted this, but I forgot my post got deleted.

the link: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story/?ID=166804&hubname=

It makes me so happy to see NFL'ers fail to make any impact in the "so-called" inferior league known as the CFL.

good point!

Apparently according from a Montreal sports writer that was on the radio here stated it was poor performance and attitude.

what a fascinating turn of events!

I'm sure he will try to play for one of the other CFL teams. Could even end up as the starter for Ottawa when ever they are reactivated, with Tee Martin as his back up. Hey, you never know!

NFL players, or any player must know that when they go north, they got to get to work, cuz it's a lot harder game than the NFL, no matter what any one says.

I am sure he will be camped outside FCS waiting.

I wonder what all the people who said AC was going to be back-up to Carter think now.

your kidding me? just because he made a mistake at the end of the Grey Cup (which anyone would have made in that situation) doesn't mean he hasn't lost his edge. He will be one of the top QBs in the league this season, and I feel sorry for the guy that will have to back him up.

Actually, do the Ti-Cats have a good back up? He could go there if they don't.

Im not too surprised he is gone, but with Brady and Greene in camp who have CFL expierence, it was bound to happen. I think Greene will back-up AC, with Brady holding the clipboard(again).

Poor Brady.....always gets the shaft wherever he goes. Personally I'd put him ahead of Greene on the depth chart, but the Don doesn't ask for my opinion on these things...go figure.

Just curious .. But who are these other 'high profile' NFL players?

Onterio Smith? surely you cannot be referring to a guy who has 12 TDs in his entire career (most within the 10 yard line), and has failed to rush over 500 yards in his two seasons, in one of the most prolific offences the NFL has had in the last few seasons. (and be clear - he sat behind Moe Williams, who also s^cks)

Tim Couch? Last time I checked, no one in the NFL wanted him because he s^cked ...

Quincy Carter? High profile? Is this the same Quincy Carter that was run out of the NFL because he s^cked?

Just because a guy spent a year or two on a bench in the NFL, or was a crummy backup, or was your seasonal underperformer hardly makes them a high profile player.

I know a lot of you suffer from some sort of inferiority complex, and must defend and place the CFL vs NFL constantly to reassure yourself of your beliefs (despite ignoring logic completely) ... However - please don't try and guage the talent of the NFL, based on how NFL rejects fare in this league. Far too many things factor into whether a player will have success in any team, in any league.


If you pull the the part of your anatomy out of your rear end you would think properly. These guys are high profile when they were signed to this league. So get off your saw horse broomstick!

No doubt, just because the NFL reject "s^ucks" does not negate the fact that they are a high profile player entering the CFL. It has nothing to do with some "inferiority complex", as any player with a name could be considered high profile in a league of eight teams.

I guess more or less, my point is this. What regards these players as 'high profile'? It certainly can't be because of their previous accomplishments (which the sum amounts to squat professionally). And it certainly can't be because they are simply coming from the NFL (which in most of your opinions, is an equally talented pool to the CFLs) ... So what makes these guys so high profile? Because the media machine has made these household-names? 'That' makes a guy high-profile in your opinion? I just question the terminology you are using. These are worse than below average NFL players (do you think the NFL will even notice Onterio Smith is missing? He didn't play a game last year). Why would you regard them as high profile? Thats all.

you really need to chill out.


I guess it is the media that makes them high profile. They are the ones that made such a big deal about it in the first place!

Thank you Ro! And if that wasn't obvious Stukit!

Clearly these players are high profile based on media coverage. How else could you describe someone as high profile. Perhaps, ‘Stati K76’, you should be questioned on your terminology.

Exactly to become high profile do you apply for it? Or do you just come out in your first interview say Hey I am High Profile. You better stick with the NFL!