Quilan an Al

Very true, how many of these QB's that walked into the "revolving door" of the QB world in pro football but just could NOT get their head aroudn the Canadian game, having their brains wired for american ball.

I completely agree Earl......May the best QB (Burris) be the best QB for the Ticats this year!

Maybe he'll want to move back home in a few years as a free agent, after honing his skills and learning to play at the pro level in Montreal. We keep seeing our draft choices do that to us, so why not the other way around? (Like Fantuz tjid year?)

That brings up an excellent point CatsFaninOttawa about the CFL. Because the guys in the majority if not all cases are never going to retire "set for life" after a career in the CFL, it makes them think more long term about where they want to live to grow their next career, which I think is a great aspect of the CFL, makes them think more long term about their life. How many times have we seen guys broke after signing a big contract in the NHL etc.? It happens and I know one guy personally, well did know him that is but he passed on.

The Al's have signed Axeman QB Graves. So, what this tells me is that both of these Cdn.kids are there for 2 reasons:

  1. They get experience at a pro camp even though Quinlin has been before.
  2. The Als have two extra practice arms for training camp.

I just don't see either of these kids being given a fair chance to make it because of how short training camp is and there are only 2 pre-season games.
Maybe a practice roster spot? Who knows. But again the pro camp experience will be beneficial. :expressionless:

That's not different than briging in American QB's. Training camp is what it is. As long as they get a fair shot... Montreal has shown time and time again that they will invest in rookies If the league could at least make NI Qb's not count as a practice roster spot, just create a free spot on the roster where the teams can invest in one if they want and not be worried about having him poached after investing time and money it would go a long way.

Also a way for the Als to manage these new rules limiting roster movements. CIS rookies don't count against your numbers :slight_smile:

Could also mean that the Als may deal McPherson if they don't think they can sign him, this would make Santos #2 and Quinlan fight for the #3 spot.

What Quinlan has to do is impress Trestman in a short time and that won't be just by how he throws but how quickly he grasps things, how he gets along with his teammates , coaching staff.