Quilan an Al

Sorry, did not see this posted yet. Not sure why we would not give this guy a shot under similar terms?

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/719992--als-to-give-quinlan-his-cfl-shot]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... s-cfl-shot[/url] http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=395339

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Why are you sorry?

I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the Ticats organization. What was Obie thinking (or not thinking)? Obviously, Jim Popp saw the potential. He must have realized that Quinlan is a rising star quarterback in the CIS and that he didn't win the Vanier Cup along with his Marauders teammates by pure luck or coincidence! The fact that Quinlan wasn't drafted was a shock in itself, but to have the Ticats pass him over altogether and allow a divisional rival to get him is inexcusable. It's true that Popp needs to develop a squad of QB's to eventually replace Calvillo, and I applaud him for being proactive in that process. However, Obie needs to do the same thing to eventually replace Burris. Could it be that Jim Popp is turning out to be a better General Manager than Bob O'Billovich? For the sake of the Ticats team itself, I hope not... but it's going to take a lot of convincing for me to believe otherwise. This is really disappointing... :thdn:

I also find this dissapointing. After his 2011 season and Vanier Cup performance, I'm not sure what else he would have needed to do in order to get noticed.

It probably has to do with the stigma of the QB in the CFL has to be an import. With only Brad Sinopoli in Calgary getting a shot at 3rd string in recent years, I think the CFL GM's need to reconsider. Talent is talent no matter what country it comes from.

8) Since Quinlan was at the TiCat training camp last year, obviously the braintrust in Hamilton didn't see enough from
   him to warrant another look this year.

   Brad Sinopoli, who is the 3rd stringer in Calgary, was at the 2010 TiCat camp, so the same would apply to him, as far 
    as the Cats are concerned.

Yeah, but since then he has had another year of development AND it was one hell of a year. 8)

Under the right tutelage like Burris or let's say somebody like Calvillo :roll:, Quinlan could further develop into a CFL starter.

LOL ! Marcel Bellefeuille. "Talent evaluator extradinaire" The same guy who wanted to cut Cobourne in Montreal. Yeah we'll go with that...

Did Phil Scarfone or Ben Chapdelaine play in the CFL? Just because a QB does well at Mac doesn't mean they can play pro. In Canadian university ball, 85% of the guys on each team wouldn't even be water boys in division 1A ball. There is a huge difference in the competition Quinlan faced in Canadian university vs. the competition he would have faced if he played for, say, Alabama or LSU. I wish him the best, but there is no chance he will ever play QB in the CFL. My guess is that Montreal will look at converting him to receiver, or something like that.

With Sinopoli's drafting and Quinlan's signing, I think we're starting to see the stigma go away. If we're being honest, CIS football did not produce a lot of CFL-quality QBs over the last 20 or so years. The level of play is starting to get better, and with further development it is possible we could see more QBs from the CIS given CFL opportunities. It just takes time. But these are encouraging developments.

I agree with what you say about the competition being much stiffer in division 1 NCAA football, but you have to admit that the quality of CIS football has increased significantly over the years. I think the best quarterbacks in CIS would have a chance to compete in division 1A, or even division 1 if they were given the opportunity and proper training.

Looking at highlight reels, Quinlan appears to have all of the physical tools to be a successful quarterback in the CFL, he just hasn't had a chance to play against defenses with the speed and preparation of the big US colleges. I think he could develop a feel for the pro game with the right amount of coaching at the CFL level.

Does that mean he has what it takes to be a successful starting quarterback in the CFL? I'd say the chances are very slim. But I'd say the same thing about a quarterback coming out of Alabama or LSU. Success at the quarterback position has nothing to do with where you played college ball or how stiff the competition that you're accustomed to facing is. Finding future stars at the QB position is a bit of an enigma in the CFL. Sometimes teams get lucky (Travis Lulay). Sometimes they miss badly (Timmy Chang). Sometimes they look promising but never live up to their college success (Ryan Dinwiddie). You never know how a player will turn out until you actually get them out there on the field.

Another factor that has to be decided early on with any qb is can he be a leader at the pro level at the qb position? There is no sense in trying to develop someone who just doesn't have this intangible asset in the coaches minds despite perhaps having the physical tools. The qb is a leadership positional player maybe unlike any other in the sports of football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer and lacrosse.

Leaders are made, not born. Calvillo wasn't a leader when he first went pro.

True enough, that is one leadership theory for sure.

[url=http://psychology.about.com/od/leadership/p/leadtheories.htm]http://psychology.about.com/od/leadersh ... eories.htm[/url]

Yes Quinlan is one hell of an athlete in the CIS, but he would be a third string QB in the middle of the pack division 2 squad or in the NAIA. The US and A is such a prolific football factory that a top notch Canadian QB like Quinlan, would be exceptionally ordinary to the south of Canada. McMaster or Laval would have trouble even winning games (maybe 1-2 a season by miracle) in the Northern Sun Conference, one of the top NCAA Div 2 football conferences in the US, and every school in that conference have and first and second string QB as good as or better than Quinlan. Not to mention the 120 schools that have Div 1A football programs and 107 schools that are considered the Old NCAA Div 1AA (championship subdivision) that all have 4-5 QB's each on their roster that are just as good and better than Quinlan at QB.

Out of all of that, CFL scouts have QB's to recruit that played fairly competitive highschool football or have played football their whole life, (many at competitive div 1 programs) and have been completely immersed in football their whole life, instances and training that are very rare for a Canadian trained QB. There are hundreds and hundreds of QB's that graduate out of the american football factory each year that are as capable or better than Quinlan that Quinlan now has to compete with when CFL clubs are looking for the next Damon Allen or Anthony Calvillo. The only advantage Quinlan has is being knowledgable of the Canadian game. When looking at pure athleticism, arm strength, knowledge of the game, the american trained QB will always have the advantage, from Div 2 to Div 1.

I also wanted to mention that Ontario HS football compared to AAAAA Texas or Alabama HS football is akin to major midget house league verses major midget AAA hockey in Canada, just no comparison, and Quinlan came from the house league side of things. No offense to him, I love the guy for what he did for Mac, but if the Ticats DID sign him, it out have been strictly for PR reasons. I don't think he has much of a chance with the Als, even though Jim Pop is the best GM in the CFL. I guess we will have to wait and see :smiley: .

Well obviously he did get noticed, Montreal picked up his rights.

Just because he went to McMaster doesn't mean we have to be the team to get him.

It's odd that people are upset because we didn't get a 3rd (likely 4th) string quarterback.

I suspect that he might make the Als' PR this year, given the other QBs they have signed. If he does, I hope he takes advantage of the opportunity to learn from the coaches and QBs there. With AC probably (maybe?) retiring at the end of this year (or next?), a spot could open up for him eventually.

Population stats: USA 310 million, Canada 35 million.
So the States is about 8 1/2 times bigger than Canada. Football is their fortee so let's quintuple that ratio to represent professional ready footballers taking into account the "Pop Warner" type leagues, high school programs, along with colleges/universities that develop players year round. That would make it about a 40/1 ratio or USA/Canada player development/population. However, and I'm throwing an educated guess out here that there is more than 20 American quarterbacks that came north and "went south" real fast in the last 15 years. Many of which came from NCAA and had playing time in the CFL. So let's say the same number stuck around...that would be 20. I think somewhere in that equation, there might be a Canadian QB that would be worth developing on a CFL team. Quinlan could have been it for the Ticats. Russ Jackson wasn't too shabby. It would have been a popular fan choice and afterall this is the entertainment business.

No offense to him, I love the guy for what he did for Mac, but if the Ticats DID sign him, it out have been strictly for PR reasons

Well, that isn't actually for certain really K/P. But that being said, it would have some people claiming he was signed as the "designated local guy" sort of thing to sell a few more tickets, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle sort of thing. But I don't want anyone signed to be a token local guy for entertainment reasons, if a guy doesn't fit into the draft scenario as the team sees fit, so be it. I'm very comfortable, more than comfortable with that even if it means a 100 or so less fans per game. I want the team to draft and make decisions, with the rules as they are, to build what they consider the best team possible. And to be honest, I'm sure Kyle feels the exact same way.

Wanted to add that Cortez joined the NFL for personal reasons. Glad he's back, but he wasn't around last year when the then 21 year old Quinlan was slugging balls in camp. Whether Marcel would have drafted him this year or not, don't know. But, I thought Quinlan earned a shot...Popp confirmed it.