Quietest Fan in the league

So … As an avid Bomber fan … Who has spent a good chunk of my life drinking and screaming in the famous section ‘S’ in Winnipeg … I was SHOCKED when I moved to Calgary and started attending games at The McMahon Library. Granted, the last few Stampeder seasons have not been great - But the fans here don’t even heckle or boo their own team after 2 pathetic seasons of constant losing …

Really - I’ve been to a lot of CFL games … and Calgary may be the quietest (tho i haven’t attended an Argos game yet) …

No point in voting for the rowdiest fans in the league … since thats either Winnipeg or Saskatchewan (as much as that pains me to admit) … In fact … anyone that would have voted Winnipeg or Saskatchewan as the quietest fans would just be lying - so I won’t even include them in the poll. Big respect to the Sask fans … I sure love to hate’m tho …

So - in your experience … Who’s got the quietest / non-rowdy fans in the league?

Of the 3 stadiums I’ve been to… (Ivor Wynne, SkyDome, & Frank Clair). I’d say Ottawa has the quietest fans. But the stadium was half empty too…

Who Cares? This is a very stupid post.

and your response was even more pointless… “stupider” even. This type of response simply further cements my opinions of the Stampeder fair-weather fans.

ZZzzzZZzzzzz …

I think the key to your answer static is your ‘granted’ disclaimer…tell me honestly WHAT has there been to cheer about over the last three years, and heckling the players isn’t about to change anything when it was the coaches and Owners who needed rotten tomatoes lobbed in their general direction. The Saddledome was one ot the loudest sports venues last year, so I don’t think you can hand the ‘Calgary’ fans a ssshhhh award. Stadium size has some part to play too…whcih begs me to ask, what section do you plant your rear in? Maybe you’re in the Safeway Family Zone?

It’s not a stupid post.

Fans can impact the game, such as pumping up their team and getting offside and delay of games calls.

Of course stadiums are quiet when your team sucks but it’s the fans that rise to the occassion during the close games that are the true football fans.

The one peeve I have is that some fans are stupid and make noise while the home team’s offence is on the field. For example last year I had a guy playing the trumpet (charge song) in my section while the Riders were on the field. ANd yes he got a lot of ssshhhhhh’s.

The other thing loud fans does, at least for me is they create a better football atmosphere. When I go to a game I don’t want to feel like I’m sitting at a ballet.

so roughy, when static has been drinking multiple kinds of various alcoholic beverages, and eating nachos with that stuff they call ‘cheeze’ on it, heavily, and smells kinda bad because it’s +34C and he ain’t wearing a shirt, and his blueandgold body paint is leaking off with the sweat, and he’s bellowing about how the refs just missed Milt getting clobbered by three rider d-backs, spilling his coke&? on your girlfriend…this adds to the overall experience how?

SOUNDS LIKE Calgary fans like everything clean and pristeen ;THATS NOT FOOTBALL. C’mon, you guys just got to get into the game. I don’t dump beer and do wear deodorant, BUT I don’t want anyone slagging me because of the way I cheer my team on ;dripping paint and all. Seems to me you Cal. fans should be cheering on a ping-pong match. Oh well ’ you’ll probably be alright again this year in McMAHON . It’ll be so quiet you could probably hear a pin drop…or at least a few of Henry’s passes. :lol:

so when the Stamps were in the thick of a horrible season last year, in the prime of the circus that was going on, we were pulling 30K announced attendances…and we’re fairweather fans. Sure. :roll:

My favourite memory of Mcmahon stadium was last year when the 'Riders were in town. They were tossing Stampeder shirts into the crowd and well over half of them were unceremoniously tossed back out of the stands onto field level. I do have to say one thing tho, it was pretty loud in the stadium that day, but i guess that was probably just us 'Rider fans cheering our team on to that 34-6 victory.

As for RedandWhite saying Calgary fans are vocal because of how loud the saddledome was during the playoff run last year, the saddledome previously had been nicknamed the silentdome or the library around the league. But all of a sudden the team has success and everyone wants a jersey and everyone’s loud at the games. That’s just more evidence of calgary being the official Canadian capital of fair weather fans.

Have we met? Tho your description of me is quite humerous and incredibly accurate (minus my gold hockey helmet, blue cape, and blue bomber horn / beer funnell) - I’d be willing to wager that you have also just described a rather large percentage of football fans.

Seasons Tickets - Myself and 6 others Winnipeg-to-Calgary transplants will be disturbing the peace in the upper rows of section ‘O’ (or ‘N’ cant remember) … either way - 7 Bomber fans won’t be hard to miss … Consider yourself forewarned !! An advanced apology and warning to anyone sitting in the 40 some odd rows in front of us … the JetPuff marshmallow tossing - thats all me. Nothing like a good ol’ marshmallow war.

P.S. redandwhite … if you feel like loosening up the ol’ panties and letting your hair down for a bit … come join us for a pop … You may have to excuse our behavoir tho - we’ll be having a good time.


I havnt been to many CFL games, but i was at last years game between BC and the RoughRiders, and that was one of the loudest atmospheres i have ever been in… wen saskachewan missed that kick i thought the building was gonna fall apart…

P.S. You Calgary fans should really go and watch your team play and get loud… i live in the Okanagan(southern B.C… the Memorial Cup was here last year…) and i barly ever get to see games live… it really sucks

lol static, I’m in lower C, security might not let your horde into that section without ID so I’ll be sure to pop up to your neighbourhood to visit…can’t wait for the season to start eh!

Ol’ papa, don’t be worrying about us here in revitalized McMahon, I’d be more worried about a basement dweller blue bomber squad that might not draw anyone out to games halfway through the season…

Sloshyboy, go dunk your head in the trough out behind the barn, Calgary fans are tops, +30K draws through the F troop years is not evidence of fair weather fans, in fact it’s quite the opposite, just like keeping our NHL team here through years and years of playoff drought, fair weather myass…

Redandwhite wrote:

“so roughy, when static has been drinking multiple kinds of various alcoholic beverages, and eating nachos with that stuff they call ‘cheeze’ on it, heavily, and smells kinda bad because it’s +34C and he ain’t wearing a shirt, and his blueandgold body paint is leaking off with the sweat, and he’s bellowing about how the refs just missed Milt getting clobbered by three rider d-backs, spilling his coke&? on your girlfriend…this adds to the overall experience how?”

Yah that’s exactly what I meant by loud fans. Wow how do you know me so well?

If you’ve been to any CFL games at all where it is loud it is great. And by loud I mean cheering to distract the other team’s offence or cheering after a great play or touchdown. I don’t mean sitting by obnoxious fans who have no respect for anyone around them. That ruins the game.

But hey if you want to go to a stadium and sit there and not say a word then your at the wrong venue.

I dont’ think theres a stadium thats as quiet as a lot of you make it out to be, espacially not McMahon, none of the ones listed for that matter…

No stadiums aren’t as quiet as I made them out to be. I went on the drastic side to help prove my point.

I didn’t vote on this poll because I’ve only been to two stadiums and one of them was for a grey cup game so you can’t judge loudness then.

I will however get to see how loud McMahon stadium is on July 23rd, which should be an incredible game.

I have been to the skydome for a Jays game and can see with 25000 fans in the stadium that it could be quiet. I think their new stadium will be much louder. 25000 fans in a 50000 seat stadium aren’t even close to as loud as 25000 fans in a 25000 seat stadium.

Another interesting question is which stadium is best designed so that fan noise seems louder (and this doesn’t include sound systems to pump in fake fan noise)?

This poll is really unfair…Seriously. Unless you have been to all 9 stadiums, how could you give a honest vote? All you end up doing is voting someone else other thanfor your home team.

Heres what I mean. I went to Sask Vs Edmonton @ Commonwealth matchup 3 years ago. The Rider fans that came in for that game were quite noisy! I was in Calgary two years ago for a game there and they were pretty noisy. Does the Dome at BC Place where I normally hangout amplify the noise? I give those Stamps, Eskies ( and yeah, those visiting Rider fans credit too) a lot of credit for the noise and cheering that they made during the game. How can you measure it?

Oh yeah… I didn’t vote… How do you choose when you haven’t been everywhere?

I live in B.C been to many Lions games and the crowd was quiet and the stadium empty. I give credit to Wally since he has come aboard the Lions games are filling up. Calgary in the 90’s was one of the top teams on a consistant basis they would get crowds over 30,000 then Calgary loses and the crowds fall between 25,000 and 30,000, so whoever on this site says Calgary has fairweather fans is an idiot. If you think the fans are too quiet be happy you don’t cheer at McMahon then. To discredit the fans that sit week upon week supporting a struggling team is just stupid. I could rag on alot of fans that have left their franchises on the brink of collapse when they have gone from first to worst Calgary isn’t one so lay off the stupid posts. :evil:

What is the point of making a poll if all nine teams are not up for anyone to choose. Obviously this poll is made to suit a person’s point of view of the league and I will not participate. This is a pointless post! :lol: