Quiet please....professional at work

Obie is very quietly and professionally going about piecing this years edition of the Cats together.
Adding strength to our recieving core yesterday and adding seconadary help today. It seems like the man has a blue print and he is carrying out his design.
We were somewhat fortunate to have Knowlton and Tisdale return as well.
The next two puzzle pieces are kicker and what to do at RT.
Can't wait to see what is in store!!!
Keep up the great work Obie, it is appreciated!

Obie's doing a great job so far and he always does.I love the way this guy works, he really knows how to build great team's.
'Preciate it Obie :thup:

No nonsense approach and I don't care if he knows what the difference is between a PC and a Mac. Well, unless it might have something to do with getting the players here he wants. :wink:

It's funny though that after yesterdays Thompson trade, how many people on here were questioning Obie. Of course he has a plan in place. He would never have made that trade yesterday without knowing that he could sign those guys today.

8) That's probably because he had already signed these 2 guys yesterday, before the trade !!! :roll:

Same thing with Setta. There was no way he would have been let go if a high quality replacement was not in place.
I know we have to be quiet...but do I hear a chorus somewhere singing something that rhymes with DeAngelis?

I can't figure it out. What rhymes with DeAngelis? :?

All I can think of is sandwiches. lol

Could call him SanDe

Mann this Poole gives me the Shivers


  I can hear it better now....sounds like:
    In Calgary there is no DeAnglis 
    In Hammertown there is no Acropolis
    So c'mon Obie create some more kicking history 
    Sign the cheque for Sandro D.

    Good grief....that choir needs to find some better material.   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

[quotjordan02 wrote:
mr62cats wrote:
Same thing with Setta. There was no way he would have been let go if a high quality replacement was not in place.
I know we have to be quiet...but do I hear a chorus somewhere singing something that rhymes with DeAngelis?

I can't figure it out. What rhymes with DeAngelis? e]
DeAngelis will tri for us

Yeah I was nervous. Sorry Obie. You are wise. Our greatest acquisition over the last few years I think was the GM :thup: . I have to say it is night and day compared to the ones we've had in the previous five years. We've all been a little shell shocked so it's our nature to question. But Obie is consistently proving his shrewdness. I am learning not to question the old guy.

I was thinking about the DB's that Edmonton is expected to let go. I'm not sure if we would want them but maybe Obie figured that into the equation as well. Giving them Thompson makes another of their DB's expendable and at just the position that we need to fill.

I admit that I was somewhat sceptical about Obie's abilty to rebuild the Cats, I gotta say that he is well on the way to getting the job done.

The recent moves aren't part of a rebuilding, they are fine tuning a good team so that itr may become a great team. For the first time in a long time, the Cats are stable at key skill positions, QB, RB and receiver. Great LB corps...

The only pieces missing in my opinion are some pass rush help, and secondary help if the recent changes don't work out.

I'm not going to comment on the Cats chances to win the east, you know what side of the bread my butter is on, however, I think that the Cats will contend right down to the wire.

With all due respect to MB, if Obie hadn't picked up Glenn, ABIII, Cobb and bolstered the o-line, the Cats wouldnt have made the playoffs.

Kudos to an elite GM.....

lol :lol:

That's like saying.. if the sun didn't come up.. it wouldn't be sunny


He said "with all due respect to MB". I read that to mean that in light of Obie's personnel moves, als4ever doesn't think Marcel deserves much credit for the Cats' resurgence. It's looks like part of his argument against Marcel for coach of the year. 'Cause as we know, good teams just coach themselves. :roll: (Though for the record, I think Marcel is not CoY material for this year, not after the way the QB situation was handled).

Geez...you really can't win here.

What I said was "with all due respect to MB" meaning that in MY OPINION, Obie was more reponsible for the Cat's resurgence than MB, who BTW did a good job in taking the players that Obie gave him and turning them into a decent team that will probably turn the corner and be a contender this year.

As far a a self coaching team, please don't try to put words into my mouth.....MB did a good job under difficult circumstances, and certainly deserves credit...but I thought this thread was about OBIE!

Fair enough. Truth be told, you may be more supportive of MB than I am. :smiley: When I started that post, my main intention was to point out that your comment wasn't as vacuous or redundant as one of the replies had implied, but then I went a bit overboard. :oops:

Don't sweat it......some of my comments in the COY thread were pretty agressive!

All that being said, I think that you have to look at Obie and Marcel as a package, just like Popp and Trestman. And as far as rating their combined efforts, the Cats won 3 more games than they had in the previous two combined, had a home playoff game, came to within a hair of making the East final and are stable in most positions.

Sounds like the situation is pretty good to me.

Shouldn't we put Scott Mitchell in that package, as well, Als?

It was likely him, not Marcel or Obie, who insisted that

it would be a much better to start Quinton Porter

because our fans had seen flashes of brilliance
in him the previous year in games he started

and it was much easier to market him as our # 1 QB

rather than Kevin Glenn who was dumped
in Winnipeg after not having a stellar season,

which all of our knowledgeable fans knew about.