Quick Ticket Question

Is the visitors bench located in front of Section H? I never seem to remember if it is J or H.

Thanks in advance

Box H is above the visitors bench and box J is above the Ticats bench.

J is the home bench. I forget which way the boxes go in order but I can eliminate J as being infront of the visitors bench.

Box H is the Visitor Bench
Box J is The Tigercats Bench.

Thanks! I ask because last year I went to the Cats/Riders game and accidently ordered tickets behind the Ticats bench. I thought this would have been a problem because I was decked out in green. I have had problems at other stadiums.

I must say though, I was very impressed with the Ticat fans and even went out for a few drinks with some afterwards which is why in a previous post I inquired about tailgate events. I would love to take part.

The Ticats are an amazing organization and I'm glad to be a part of it even if I do wear green.

Best of luck tonight to your team!!

That' okay The Rider have a lot Old Ticats on Team this year and we have Few Former Riders.

But well Still Want to Get Revenge For last Year.