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Whats going on guys,

Just wondering what you all think about Richie Williams so far? In NC we all feel like he should have a statue outside of Kidd Brewer Stadium but I was wanting to know what your impressions are of him so far. I know he hasn't had much game time and thats how you can really tell if someone can play but do you think he has a chance to make it in the CFL?

he only played a little bit last saturday,but from what I seen I'm impressed.He's our 3rd string quarterback right now.
If things keep going the way they are around here he could see some more action on Saturday.

Seems to be good the few times I've seen him but don't know when he will get his chance to play and difficult to make any real conclusions so far.

I liked the kid from the FIRST MOMENT I saw him at Training Camp. As I like to say - he's got all THE TOOLS.

The trouble with the CFL, 'goApp', is that, even more so than the NFL - it is a QB DRIVEN LEAGUE. There are only EIGHT teams (NINE in a good year) which makes "WINNING NOW" the PRIMARY GOAL. As a result, there is little room for PATIENCE and DEVOLOPMENT where QB's are concerned.

It is not like the NFL where you can HIDE a QB in 'THE SYSTEM' (a la Dilfer, Boller etc.) As the QB goes, in the CFL, so does your TEAM. This also makes it difficult for teams to DEVELOP a QB during the SEASON (a la Eli Manning) very difficult.

The BOTTOM LINE is - as much RAW TALENT as RW has - it will take a MINOR MIRACLE for him to get a FAIR SHOT any time soon. Perhaps, when the powers that be determine the SEASON to be OFFICIALLY OVER - they will turn their sights to Richie.

There is also the matter of a certain Kevin Eakin. Who, by my accounts anyway, is as deserving of a shot as RW - but I DIGRESS.

Until it happens, I will EAGERLY ANTICIPATE the DEBUT of RW as the starting QB of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.


Williams will start Labour Day (Sept 4 for our U.S. cousins

You heard it here first.

McMahon told me.