Quick question..

Hi Guys, I am currently about to enter College, and am wondering if anyone knows about an Ticats Apprenticeships available or could direct me to an email that i could ask someone on the front office?

Just curious the requirements or recommedations for example a ticket sales rep?

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a good one.

Argos suck

or even if you know or knew anyone that has done something like this in the past, maybe volunteer work leading to a job?
Any contacts would be great.

Ticats Jobs page:


Good Luck.

The type of work experience position you're looking for is most often filled by pro sports teams through association with universities or colleges that offer Sports Management programs, such as Laurentian in Sudbury.

Maybe a few years of college will brighten your horizons. But think about it AS 08, you have an owner who has made it known he doesn't like the Argo chant and you want to work for him using that handle? Live and learn, is all I can say. :lol: