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Sorry you have not received a reply Hondo but we would certainly tell you if we knew. Like jm02 said, were fans, not league representatives. Try contacting the CFL by going to the home page and scrolling down to the bottom. You will several links in a small white font. One of them is a "contact" link.

You make a valid point about promoting the game in the USA. It would take very little to notify people where the game is being broadcast. I'll bet your not the only one that is frustrated over this. I would be to. Give em hell.

:) In the United States, the 2007 Grey Cup will be available to 62 million homes in standard definition television and to DISH Network's 12 million customers in High Definition on VOOM HD Networks' World Sport HD channel (available in the New York City metropolitan area on Cablevision).

The following networks have carried CFL games weekly throughout the 2007 season and will also telecast the 95th Grey Cup: SNY (Comcast SportsNet New York); NESN (New England Sports Network); Comcast SportsNet outlets in Philadelphia, the Mid-Atlantic region, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon; Altitude Sports & Entertainment, Denver; Comcast Seattle (video on demand); Comcast Utah; CSS in Atlanta; Catch 47 - Tampa Bay Sports Television; Cox Sports Television South (Louisiana); Time Warner Sports 26 (Syracuse, New York); Time Warner Rochester; K.C. Metro Sports in Kansas City; Columbus Sports Network, Ohio; KHON CW Honolulu, and the America One Television Network - which serves more than 100 terrestrial broadcast stations and acts as the leagues master control operator for entire season. Satellite TV subscribers can access the game live as well on DIRECTV channels 623 and 644, and on DISH Network channels 410 and 434.

Rounding out the unprecedented 2007 Grey Cup exposure will be live game coverage on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, which has carried CFL audio play-by-play action throughout this year. The Grey Cup will be available to nearly 8 million subscribers.


For broadband radio with Saskatchewan radio personalities, and CFL best, Carmelo Carteri and Rod Perterson…Click the Listen Live square with the big microphone(left hand side) to hear the special 2hr pre-game show, the game and the postgame show with no pre-determined lenth.


Unfortunately for me, Comcast Mid-Atlantic is NOT showing it, at least according to my local listings, which are about as dependable as the Edmonton O-line. That means CFL broadband or bust.

Every team gets its day in the sun and Edmonton will return. The Bombers and Saskatchewan have for 2007. Your welcome to cheer for the Bombers if you like.

You can watch the game online at www.cbc.ca/sports I think broadcast time is 5pm CST with kickoff at 5:25. It may also be on www.tsn.ca Lenny Kravitz is the halftime performer.

I plan to, even though I find the whole Sask. melonhead thing to be pretty comical. Great fans in both cities. I look forward to actually seeing the game if at all possible- Redskins at 1:00, Grey Cup at 5:30...that's the plan, anyway.

Thanks to everyone in this thread for their help.

I plan to. Whoever is supposed to be in charge of distributing this relatively simple information via the web (provided there actually is someone) should be canned immediately, It blows my mind that there's not a HUGE link jumping off the home page. There are tons of Canadian CFL fans in the U.S.- never mind folks like me, especially at this time of year. No pun, but somebody's dropped the ball bigtime.

I'm VERY frustrated by the spotty and unreliable coverage I get on cable where I am.

I will move and get a dish some day but that doesn't really help now - though thanks to all those who have listed dish settings.

To wrap this up- The CBC Grey Cup broadcast link has been activated here. Looks like I'll be forking up the $ to watch the game on the ol' laptop tonight. Yay!

Dinwiddie surprises everyone. Defensive battle 'til late. Westwood FG wins it for the underdogs, 26-23.

Thank you for the support Hondo.


I also think Dinwiddie will surprise, but a late TD for the Riders will win the day!

Good luck to both teams!