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I'm in the U.S.. Unlike some others, my local cable co. is not carrying the Grey Cup and I need to know if I can watch a live feed on the web or is it going to be blacked out in the states?

The multimedia link takes me to CBC International, but it's not clear if the game will be accessable.


I'm in the same situation Hondo and I have also asked the same question but I haven't been able to get an answer.

It appears that it will be so lets keep our fingers crossed.

The only indication that it WILL is that they've suddenly bumped the price for live games to $15.95. Other than that, it's not really clear- to me, anyway!

Yeah I noticed that. I guess the C$ is making an impact on our US currency.

The game is listed but of course the link isn't active yet so it should be available.

If it's blacked out and you can't watch it online, you could probably listen online. www.cjob.com. Their commentators are pretty good, not too much of a homer.

I like slow questions better

Seems to me that somebody is doing a pi$$-poor job of promoting the CFL down here… Sorry, but if the CFL’s priorities truly include bringing in fans and funds like Cohon says, then neither of us should even have to ask this question. That info should be readily available on this site and it’s not.

OK then, smart@ass- here's one..... :lol:

Q: How did BC manage to choke in the Western Final after a 14-4 reg. season?

A: They didn't have enough trainers on staff to administer the Heimlich Maneuver to 42 guys at the same time.


I agree Hondo. I'm far more pissed at Comcast in the Bay Area however than I am at the CFL. Comcast was supposed to show the Eastern and Western finals but for some reason in the town where I live all I could get was a test pattern. I later learned that they did show it - just not where I live. Now the Grey Cup is slated to be shown delayed by six hours. I'm not holding my breath that they'll show it all.

There really should be a way to ask on CFL.ca if the game really will be streamed, but there isn't even a link for that kind of question. I've sort of resigned myself to the fact that I may not be able to see the game at all :frowning:

Don't get me started on CBC's broadband. I am in Africa and watched the last 2 Rider games on it. Yes, I paid to watch a show that is broadcast for free to everyone in Canada. The picture was great, the few times that it was not frozen or black. Needless to say, I will not be spending the money to watch the Grey Cup game, as much as I want to (I'm a Rider fan and I don't think I need to remind anyone how often an event like this happens for us). I am going to listen to the radio. I am sick of the money grabing from both the CFL and the Roughrider organization. A person can't even get full access to the Roughrider website without paying. I love supporting my Riders, but can I at least get team info for free? Next year TSN will be broadcasting all games, which is okay, as long as people have cable or a dish. I just think that if they want to sell this league they should make very accessable. Make it available to anyone and everyone. Thats my 2cents.

Directv is showing the game.

Sunday, November 25 5:30 PM EST 623 NESN
Sunday, November 25 6:00 PM EST 644 ALT
Sunday, November 25 9:00 PM EST 656 CSNW
Monday, November 26 12:00 AM EST 644 ALT
Monday, November 26 9:00 PM EST 644 ALT

Hello Hondo, Winnipeg here. I remember your previous post on wanting help selecting a CFL team. Once again , I thank you for supporting the CFL. cjob.com has already been mentioned. If you can't get it on TV, CJOB would be a good place to listen to the game. They have a good pre-game show and post game show. CJOB would be the place I would go to if I couldn't get the game on TV.

I find it hard to believe that after almost 24 hours nobody can post (or will bother to give) a definitive answer re: live Grey Cup broadband. This IS the official site of the CFL, is it not?


Yes it is...and the posters here are fans, not league representatives.

We arent? Thats no fun...:frowning:

League reps post here, too. That's what blows my mind about it even more.

...which league reps, exactly?

If you're talking about the administrators, they have their hands full at the moment...

Evidently so. Maybe one of them can explain why I have to re-log in every 5 min. if I'm surfing topics and decide to post.

I've never had that problem. And I don't mean to make light, but I'm sure the admins won't be answering that question any time soon, for a couple reasons...1) it's GC weekend, and their focus is seeming to be on tweaking the forum so it doesn't get overloaded, and 2) more pressing issues are there...no offense, but having to re-log in is annoying, but relatively minor...