Quick Question.

I'll delete the post once I get my answer so it doesn't take up space.

My question is.. with the trade bringing in Armstead whos spot does he take? I can only assume "Anthony Arceneaux" will be heading back to the Practice roster for this week but what about when Talman Gardner comes of the IR.

Do you release..
Gardner or McCants or do you even sit Bauman? or do you release a slotback? what do you think is the more logical idea?

McCants for now. Walker and Currie have been playing "too well" to be benched. I'd keep Bauman in because he's good and a Canadian.

Don't forget Gardner was playing amazing before he got injured.

thats why i dont know if i like the trade. we dont have any bad recivers and i dont wanna lose any of them

Makaveli: We don't have any bad receivers? While that idea might be true, how many great ones do we have?

I think you're going to see Armstead and Gardner (when he gets healthy) at wide receiver with Bauman rotating in. At slotback it will be Ralph and Curry with Walker backing-up. Odd men out - McCants and French.

will maas connect?

I'd say right now it looks like McCants is the odd man out. It could also be Arcenaux or Starling Kendrick who is currently on the PR.

who knows there all rookies but Gardner, Curry, Walker, and mccants all have the skills to become great.

I believe teams can have an extra 2 players
on their practice roster when NFL cuts start.