Quick Q's about Riders. What do you all think?

So it is quite apparent that so far the Riders have had the lamest off-season. We finally replaced our OC which is good. All other news regarding the Riders has either been coach leaves for greener pastures or my personal favourite..... Riders would be interested in Garcia if he becomes available. Can't wait till that almost happens but falls through at the last second after we have cut some talent to make way for the payroll involved. But some serious questions for you.....

  1. Should DB and Roy agree to release Jamal Richardson so he is eligible for the NFL draft? My personal opinion is that they should. I think he is a great receiver with even greater potential. His agent has promised that if he is not drafted he will return for less money and more years no questions asked. Chances are he won't get drafted. If he does though... good for him. If we don't release him and allow this to happen, he will grudgingly play out his option year with the Riders and take the first train out. Receivers is one of our weekest positions, but Richardson makes it stronger (in my opinion, I know a few people don't think he is very good). I think pissing them off is a bad idea. If he does get drafted that is a good indication that he would have signed a free agent contract next season anyway so at least this way he stays happy with the Rider organization in case he ever returns to the CFL.

  2. I have heard that Daved Benefield and Travis Moore will not be welcome back for training camp. Is this a stupid mistake? Benefield is getting to the point when he should probably think about retiring before he leaves on a bad note. Quit while you are ahead. But Moore is still one of our top receivers. I was mad that he was on the sidelines all of last year while guys like Karsten Bailey were half assing it to where they felt the ball should have been. Then after an idle season, he comes off the bench for injury relief and lights the opposing defense up. Now we are cutting him when we really need receivers. I am all about teaching young guys the way, but if nothing else, he is a great teacher. For his sake, I hope someone else picks him up. And for the Riders sake, I hope this doesn't come back to bite up in the ass. I think it would be funny if the Bombers picked him up and he and Stegall showed the CFL world that with age comes wisdom of the game.

That is all. I am just bored and it seems all Rider fans have taken the off-season off so at least this way I can read my own post if I want to think that at least someone cares about them.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Is it just me, or is Hamilton going to be a very formidable foe this year?

Benefield might be old, but he's a vey good end..great against the run ..smart guy.
After he left the bombers, we had a tough time stopping the run...he would add depth to anybody's Def line..
Moore is crafty..but the same can be said about many younger recievers, could mean retirment for him..

...the Riders better find a qb....as far as Benefield....his days are done....Moore could be a benefit to some club willing to take him on for some back-up...don't think he's quite done yet... :!:

I understand your sentiments about wanting to keep players happy, but its wishful thinking if you think a player and his agent will be greatful for doing them a favour. When it comes to keeping their word, players and agents have the memories of gnats.

Suppose the Roughriders do as you say, release Richardson and he doesn't get drafted, comes back for a 2 year contract and lights it up in year one. Do you really think he is going to remember the "favour" or is he going to demand to renegotiate the contract? Or suppose he does get drafted but is an early cut in the NFL and can't hook up with another team. Is he going to re-sign with Saskatchewan or is he going to say, "I was drafted so now I am free to sign with any CFL team"? I'm skeptical about any "promises" players or their agents make.

I personally don't think he would be drafted. He just isn't clutch enough. He drops the easy passes. I personally don't really like any of our recievers except for Dominguez and holmes, and Moore but I guess he is gone. I agree with you Rise that he should be kept. Moore got dicked around all last year, and then when they let him play he was our best reciever. Benefield can go. We can afford to let him go

my rider brothers, although you may not admit it I think your team is very much like my bombers, you have Dominguez we have Stegal, you have Holmes we have Stokes, you have Keith (when he is healthy) we have Roberts, our kickers are are chokers, McCallum & Westwood, and our QB situation is very much unsettled. I think it is going to be a long year for both our squads unless someone makes a big splash in the FA market…

Good analysis Piggy. I think whoever finds a Starting QB first will be the one to climb up the ladder the fastest.

....surprise surprise....the Bombers have one on the premises...or maybe two....if you think Glenn or Wynn...or MIchna for that matter played any where near their potential under Daley...sorry...they didn't...and under a qb. type coach like Berry...who Calvillo will tell you has the vibes...the Bomber qbs. will finally realize their potential...don't sell this squad or the coach short...the Bombers now have the makins....notice is being served...as for the Riders....the search must continue... :wink:

Piggy you are right maybe you can pass this on to the HTT and Pappa! Naw forget they won’t get it.

I'll have to agree with the comparisons you threw out, but the rest of the positions that you didn't mention The riders far outshine the bombers (with maybe one exception in Walls). Our Oline is better then yours, our secondary FAR outshines yours, I would say our LBs are better, and our d-line is better.

The Riders are one QB away from being a top contender. And they will contend with the one we got if we have to. Bombers need a defence.

Why do you guys keep blaming the losses on Daley? Taman never gave Daley the talent to work with. You could have a surprise in Spergon Wynn, as he won a couple games for us in 2004. Tee Martin was Taman’s present to Daley.

You guys will need more changes than just changing coaches.

sorry soup de jour but your oline was not superior by the end of the year, bombers oline gave up the fewest sacks in the league and opened the way for the top rusher…the dlines are comparable imo, you had the advantage in linebackers and secondary only imo, but much of those woes I do place squarely on daleys shoulders, we added Malbrough and Hall late in the season along with another body from Ottawa who escapes me now and our young linebackers actually got some late season playing time, I look for the Bombers to surpase the riders in those phases of the game this year…

Hey this is great from a stamp fan prospective! We too were where you guys are today. It is nice to see bottom feeders fighting each other.

I just heard that Rocky Butler was cut by an AFL team. It seems he was not good enough. Can any one confirm this?

Yeah red, I heard he was cut about two weeks after he joined.....

Are you talking about last year because the Bombers gave up 31 sacks and the Riders allowed the least amount of sacks with 23. The Riders also had about 600 more yards rushing throughout the season. And both Keith and Holmes had a better yards/carry average then Roberts.

Wow that is too bad he could really use the rep’s. I might be the only one but I liked Rocky I think if given the chance he would be not bad.
There you go Bombers this guy might be available.

roughy...by the end of the year......we did not have Fiacconi, Feugil and Goodspeed until half way through the season, your oline is good but so was ours by the end of the season

I would take the Riders O-line over anybodies in the league. And as for your shore-ups on defence with Santino Hall. Do you remember that you guys got him from either our practice roster, or we just cut him out right. I forget which. The guy is a disease in the locker room.

I love it though how everyone thinks the riders are gonna suck. This year is gonna be great.