quick poll: who thinks we beat em Saturday?

I like our chances!

Burris vs mosoli ...ill take Burris.

Hmmm… Mosoli (an Austrian mining company) vs. Burris (an Ottawa QB).
I say that we’ll bury him.

However, if we let Masoli play… all bets are off. :slight_smile:

We win 28-20!! Defence and special teams scoring 14!! :smiley:

We will Waffle Em :lol: The Offense scores 1 td , The Defense scores 1 td , special teams score 1 td , Medlock boots 3 fgs.
The Defense holds them to a couple of tds and a couple of fgs.
Add it up and the Cats walk away with a total team effort from all phases of the game: Final Score : Cats-30...RB's-20
Two Game Final Score.......Cats-36...RB's-32 :rockin: Book It !!!!!!! Cause it's gonna happen !!! :slight_smile:

History will repeat itself - Hamilton has in the past won 2-game series against Ottawa. It CAN be done! :rockin: :cowboy:
Besides some of the Ottawa fans are becoming REALLY ANNOYING!!! :thdn: :thdn: :x
They think that with Hank they have this ALL locked up.

Wonder where they'd be if Hank had been injured this season and wasn't available, if they were down to their 3d and 4th string QBs, OR if they had incurred even a fraction of the injuries to key players that the Ticats have? They have been VERY lucky but I think their luck is about to run out!


I like the odds of Ottawa winning , just based on defence, but Ottawa has also gone into games really flat this season, so who knows. I'd just like to see a well played, hard fought game without all the drama from the last one. It's the CFL, anything can happen. Burris in spite of having a great season, does get anxious early, and Ottawa has struggled in the red zone. Hamilton is banged up, Ottawa is healthy, a few minor injuries, maybe a couple of roster changes, but basically the same team, same starting O-line all season is big in this league. The unknown factor will be how the officials run the game, let them play, or toss 300 yards worth of flags.

It's not so much thinking that Burris has it all locked up, few people I talk to would agree with that. It's more about the defence and how they have played all year. I have to agree about the what if Burris was hurt early in the season, I don't think the depth is there, anymore than Hamilton, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Winnipeg or BC had the depth at QB. Hopefully all the starters stay healthy next season, Hamilton was the team to beat until Collaros went down. Special teams could be a big factor in this game as well. Burris had the same O-line all season, that helped keep him in one piece, he is also one of the hardest working players when it comes to weight training and staying fit, every little bit makes a difference. Too much drama in the last game, I expect that has all been put behind the players.

I think we CAN beat Ottawa. But it won't take long for Ottawa's defence to figure out Masoli if he starts. He is not particularly mobile. Harris is much more nimble and capable of making plays on the run as far as I can see.

Also.....stupid penalties have ruined scoring chances for us too many times. This is could be a big problem in a clutch game like tomorrow's showdown.

I just hope that the Austin/Condell combo does not try to pretend Zach is at the helm and rely on the deep pass too much. The red zone offence has not been good all year and that will have to improve too.

I also hope, no matter who starts at QB, that they don't wait until it's too late in the game to replace him. Both Masoli and Harris are rookies and Austin can't afford to ignore one.... when the other is not doing the job. Last week, Harris should have taken over after half time to give him a chance to kick start the offence.

Our defence will need to be as good as they have ever been if we are to beat Ottawa.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I wasn't just talking about QB depth but total team depth. Ticats have had injuries to key starters since Day 1 of the season - in fact lost 4 players to season-long injury before the season even began! Yet in spite of missing our top RB most of the season, a couple of our top receivers for half the season, the recent loss of top OL players (just when we need them most) and various other injuries too numerous to mention, the Ticats still find themselves in a position to finish in first place.
My question was more - If Ottawa had had as many injuries to key players over the course of the season, would they be battling for first? My guess is they wouldn't.

Ottawa has built a very good team in a short time, but I don't think they have the depth yet to continue to be as successful as they have been if they had to withstand multiple major injuries. They have been extremely lucky on the injury front so far (and yes I know that Hank works very hard to stay fit). You just want to hope that it continues.
BTW Hamilton has a top defence too that has often kept them in games and helped them win. They'll be up for the task.