Quick Poll - who likes the season continuing into December

I think if he's making an effort to go to a game he should drop in the broadcast booth to say hello. Not sure he's been doing that, however just because I don't see or know what's going on that doesn't mean he's not doing anything. It just makes some people nervous, especially during these times. People are way more high strung than before so there should be a new game plan to adapt to that change.

It is a lot easier to drive to games in June than it is in December.


Keep it as is ending around the 20th 21st 22nd etc of november. Had the Grey Cup game been played on November 21st here in Hamilton as was originally scheduled it would have been 5° Celsius at kickoff raining but the rain would have ended by the end of the first quarter or so and it would have been a fairly comfortable night for a football game for the 33,000 fans that were expected to be at the game. Will the 24,000 expected for the game on December 12th be so lucky? I doubt it. Even for the semi-final this Sunday the 28th of November I will be sitting in snowy conditions as they're expecting 5 cm of snow to fall during the game

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Grey Cup at the end of November, as always. It's been working great for decades.


Ambrosie doesn’t seem to agree :joy: Grey Cup in October? NFL Network TV deal could follow for CFL | Ottawa Sun

Interesting to note that that article is 4 years old . That was in 2017 when Bobandy mentioned this interest in an October Cup and kissing the NFL's ass to accomplish this idea .

Just curious but has anybody seen Ambrosie recently ? I mean there has to be a few sightings of him you would think . I mean never mind where's Waldo ? its more like where's Bobandy ?

yeah I heard he was in Montreal for one game but I don't think he made it to the broadcast booth. I choose to believe he's hard at work behind the scenes but it would be nice to see him in front of the camera like you're suggesting.

Yup he's probably hard at work all right scouring the mud huts and villages of Togo Togo looking for the next great Global phenom that's going to put us on the map . :roll_eyes:

lol I'm fairly sure he lets other people do the scouring. He's mostly a have lunch with the President of some organization and does a lot of fast talking type.

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No doubt . Bobandy is a very important fella indeed who loves luncheon meetings that involve eating with VIPS and CEOS .

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Maybe upgrade your vehicle.

Cars, trucks run I winter weather.

Personally, would like to see CFL starting a couple weeks earlier, with 2 pre-season and 20 regular season games.

Ambrosie would be dumb enough to go for it. What were the NFL Network offering and was it more than the TSN deal?

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Snow adds to the aura of the playoffs.

Remember the Snowdown in Steeltown?

Still fairly high scoring for the conditions.

If it were a hockey game you would not give it a second thought, right?

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Wrong, I wouldn’t drive half way across Canada to watch the Canucks play but I have to watch the Lions. Summer road trip.

Don't worry. The CFL doesn't play in January and never will. :+1:

You're old enough to drive ? You mean to tell me that your mom doesn't drive you to the games ?

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What's wrong with a long term goal of September thru January?

You won't find a bigger fan of the CFL here in Ohio.

I personally don't see the September to January season myself although I can get behind it providing there are domed stadiums in the future.

June to November/December season is fine as well.