Quick Poll - who likes the season continuing into December

Just curious how many people would like to see the typical season start a little later in the year, finishing with the Grey Cup in mid-December?

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Don't mind it at all myself.

Lines up with the Vanier Cup pairing.

I don't see the poll. I would rather have to back to it's regular June-November at this time


May not be possible until 2023 if COVID isn't under control by then.

Just every one needs to be 100 percent vaccinated.

For those of you that are 100 percent, thank you.

For those who haven't yet, please do asap. Thank you.

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I can live with either setup because I'll be watching anyway.

The question should not be, what's everybody's preference for the start/end of the season. Rather it should be what are the ratings differences? Moving indoors jacks up the ratings because everyone is moving indoors and people tend to watch more TV.

That being said, I'm physically fit and exercise regularly and my body tends to sense cold weather a lot quicker than a morbidly obese person -- fat middle-aged women, etc. I'm the type of person that loves 80 degree weather.

Would I watch a Freezer Bowl game in Canada in person? Heck no. Would I watch it on TV? Absolutely!

Get those domed stadiums configured soon!

I don't want to drive to the stadium in January and chance having my car conk out on me on the road because something is frozen/electrical system can't take the cold.

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As long as stadiums are allowed at least partial capacity (They are all allowed full right now), I don't see a reason why they can't start in June.

August this year was when some parts of the country allowed fans.

Agreed higher vaccination will be key. Good they're appoved as low as 5 now.

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I'm OK with the later finish.

Must say, though, that I'd prefer the 2022 season to start in January instead of June. Who else is up for a 40-game regular season?

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Not the PA :wink:

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Double vaccinated are still giving covid and getting covid ( see Ottawa Senators ) , there are people dying with covid and in ICU see Ontario hospitals stats , it appears making the pandemic more of something we live with (endemic ) and just deal with it with breakthroughs prescription drugs ( Merck ) and other medical intervention for improved treatment is the answer to really ending it 's hold on society .

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As now it's projected to begin on June 9th, 2022 with the Grey Cup on November 20th, 2022.

Tough to pair with the Vanier Cup though. The Universities won't necessarily allow any earlier start than they have reluctantly allow nor would they agree to a 6 game schedule ever again.

I like I can still watch some CFL right now . The season would be over in most years .

The next three weeks I can watch the CFL on Sundays is a great break for me from watching the NFL . It's a great TV show that NFL with so many options if three games are a sinker I can change the channel on Dazn and watch the one good one .

I will watch the CFL and get into it more as the last few weeks with so many no meaning games it's been dragging like usual near the end but now hopefully the games will be better entertainment .

Although I’m not complaining because I still get to watch CFL for a few weeks, I vote May-October in a regular year.

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thumbs down for me

Ideally I wouldn't mind a system where the CFL starts playing a pre-season tournament in Texas starting in March in year one. Japan in March year 2. Germany year 3. Start in May Year 4. Have a world tournament in Canada after the Grey Cup in October lasting until December.

Hard to say whether the new drugs will assist with Covid’s hold on society. It looks promising. Let’s hope so.

Right now, however, we are experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is true that the vaccines don’t prevent Covid in everyone and some of those vaccinated can still spread Covid, but the stats don’t lie. Vaccinated people rarely get very sick and even more rarely die and are much less likely to spread the virus. All success in slowing the spread of Covid worldwide is as a result of vaccination. Perhaps the new pills will make that even better.

In the meantime I echo the sentiments of previous posters and urge those that are unvaccinated to get the jab, for the good of all.

Having a preseason tournament may not be wise if there's injuries that can cost a CFL team a chance of a Grey Cup.

And why would it make sense to have a tournament in Canada from October to December when apparently it's too cold for the Grey Cup in November or December?

Would rather see a 9 man league for 1st or second year players (8 or 10 game mini season from May to August) and join their teams in a final push for the championship.

Injuries are a factor no doubt.

Neither scenario is likely.

cross league tournament would be back up players only. I haven't been the one saying December is too cold. I'm okay with a 9 man league idea. We're all just talking about personal preferences. No one believes it will actually happen.

True enough. I do wonder if the commissioner is actively and actually following this forum or three down nation for ideas.

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lol if he's too busy to be seen publicly he most likely isn't reading the forum. Lots of people complaining he's not been around enough.

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Haven't heard much from him recently in regards to next season.

The only thing is that the next two Grey Cups are in Regina and Hamilton respectively.

No talk about CBA, the current TSN deal, pairing with the Vanier Cup etc.

Honestly the CFL commissioner should be considered as a caretaker of Canadian Football not just a mouthpiece for the ,at times, out of touch owners.

But that's my opinion.

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