Quick Note About Former Bomber LB/DB Departures

Seems like most opposing teams fans think that we are weaker with the departures of Lenny Walls, Barrin Simpson, Shabazz ETC.

What most people are basing this on is total tackles which can and is very misleading, sure Shabazz and Simpson had 70-85 tackles each last year repectively. Point is When the opposing teams call a running play or throw a short pass, it is usually the linebacker's that get first shot at tackling if they breaK the DLINE, with very few exceptions LB'S will usually lead the league in tackles due to this. Sure Simpson and Shabazz had high tackle totals, but so did Lobedahn (54 Tackles) in minimal action, Ike Charlton had 72 tackles (and he is not the fastest, also played injured often), Craver had 50+ tackles playing DB often. Any player that knows how to tackle playing LB and DB will get a high number of tackles and any player is capable of playing just as good, if not better than a Simpson or Shabazz.

Fact is these guys are not that hard to replace and saying The Bomber's are going to be crap due to the departures is totally bogus, i am almost 100% positive that we already have great replacements for these guys already on our roster, I think we have most likely improved at these positions. Until other teams fans can base there opinions that we will suck with REAL facts and not just stats, they are horribly mistaken.

for sure. shabazz is so good he hasnt been signed a week b4 camp begins, simpson waited like 3 months to sign with the riders, probably the only team willing to sign him. we'll be fine. who cares what non fans say.

the fact shabazz or any other veteran hasn't been signed yet does not necessarily mean that no one will at some point. It ma mean no one wants them or it may mean that he's a known commodity (ie. there's already have tape on him and teams have seen him play) and are willing to wait to sign him until they've seen how the cheaper new blood performs in camp.

agreed. im sure shabazz will be signed at some point.. unless hes expecting a starters contract, then he may be done.. someone at some point will be a little thin at lb, due to injuries or poor play, sideeqs name has to be first on the emergency phone list..

i also agree that total tackles can be misleading, depending on the position.. if a dlineman has a lot of tackles he must be doing a dang good job, stopping backs at the line, or chasing them down in the secondary, combined with sacks.. lbs tackles should be high just based on the position, esp if u play a nearly full season, and if a db has a lot of tackles... well you probably werent very good at stopping the run that year lol and or were playing too loose of coverage...

all the bomber D tackles were inflated last year because they were on the field so much last season, way more than any other team, if those tackle numbers werent all so high the season prob would have been much worse.

i do agree and believe we will be okay and can find good young players to replace the vets... but until these kids prove that on the field i believe we have to consider our linebacking corps a little worse for wear as of rigth now... however i fully expect that notion to change come season, i really think that mack knows what hes doing with the scouting and that some of these guys will be real gems... heres hoping