Quick fix

I have a suggestion instead of just complaining for a change. If I wanted to make us respectable for Labour day with what little time I have I would go with a all import o-line and maybe use a couple of tight ends. We need to give Jason some time to throw to even have a chance to score some points against the Argos. I still believe if there is one area that is killing us the most it's the offensive line.

what they need to do is start Holmes at running back and let him play the whole game. I think he deserves a chance to try it healthy!!!

You can't just conjure up a good offensive line.

It takes time to learn a system and to learn how to work together.

But we definately need to use our weapons. Ranek and Holmes.

Not sure what has happened in the past 6 games. The O Line was not spectacular, however they need to realize Cook and Smith
do not fit in. Cook is to slow and Smith gets pushed around and spends most of the game looking up from the turf.

I agree with your post we need to fix the O Line immediately.

The O Line is the faultiest non-working part of the team. It requires major surgery immediately.