Qui succédera à Ben Cahoon dans l'alignement partant?

Maintenant que notre icône volante se retire, qui croyez-vous jouera le rôle que Ben Cahoon avait dans l'alignement de départ?

Je penche pour Green, celui qui me semble le plus Cahoonesque!, mais ce n'est que mon impression.

Green has already taken Ben's spot in the slot. He split time with Ben a lot this year. Moreover, he's a big, strong player who can make tough catches in traffic and move the chains -- exactly what you want from a possession receiver. Watkins is more of a pure intermediate / deep threat; Bratton works best as a Swiss Army knife type who can do a bit of everything (corner routes, end-arounds, play-action dump passes, deep or shallow crosses, etc.). Green is the logical candidate to replace Cahoon in the starting four.

Je suis bête. J'ai oublié de mettre Rodriguez dans le lot. :oops:

I'll take Andrew Hawkins

He's fast, has good hands....and does a lot of the little things Cahoon did that went unnoticed
Like making tackles on the teams (Cahoon saved at least 2TD's on missed field goals last season)
and blocking for his fellow receivers.


Left the team you say?



:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: J'aime cette réponse! :thup: