Should we not change are starting wide receivers as they pose zero threat to opposing defense. Would Cavil and Quinte not pose more of threat with their speed and size?

Do we actually have a play for second and long that calls for the ball to be thrown deep?

Can we lose the three-man rush on second and long?

How come we cannot gain an inch on third and short?

How come are Blitz package results in almost zero pressure and terribly obvious?

Am I the only one he thinks Julian Radlin has lost whatever speed he had?

Why do we try to pin a team deep in the first half of a game instead of trying a 42-yard field goal but in Calgary with 13 seconds we do the opposite?

More questions:
Why can't our receivers win fights for the ball?
Why was there not a millimeter of daylight opened by the O line for Ranek ?
Why was our D line manhandled by the Als?
Why doesn't Maas try more quick hitters like he did late in the 4th quarter?
Why, why why why wh...

Nope. MAYBE put Cavil in for Peterson.

Probably, but it depends on the defensive coverage.


Men have been asking that question since the dawn of time.

Poor execution.


Maybe because of that miss? It was the right call at the right time.