Questions to Cohon were easy questions..

Why did they give him such Chicken crap questions? why could they have given him 10 difficult questions to answer? ones that really need to be answered..

like "Why does Rod Black continue to do TSN play by play when he seriously is no good at it and desperately needs to be replaced!!?

most of those questions were stupid and truly not important.. more liky wussy questions, afraid to really ask the tough, hard questions!

How is that a tough question? I seriously doubt Cohon has any say in who calls the games. That would be a question for TSN.

ya but they asked a question regarding Suitor! so hows that any different?

Ya but he also didnt answer the question really he just kind of danced around it I cant wait for the Riders to gte back on the field so you have something useful to complain about........JK cflisthebest

All but one were pretty softball questions for sure, but I'm not sure most fans really know enough to properly ask the really tough questions, and even if they did I'm not sure that Cohon could answer them given all the politics involved in running the league.

It turns out those weren't the only questions Cohon planned to answer. Parts II and III are up. I haven't had a chance to go through them yet... Links: