Questions on rules/Hamilton Montreal fights

I have a couple of questions with regard to the fights at half time and the end of the Montreal Hamilton game.

First at the end of the first half when the fight broke out. Why was Zach Collaros not penalized for removing his helmet while on the field and taking part in the altercation.

Second, did anybody happen to see what happened at the end of the game and who started things.

Hebert and Collaros really don't like each other much. That's pretty much it.

It is ok to remove the helmet if a timeout is called on the field. The half time whistle probably counts as an on field timeout. So the play is done, the ref signals halftime and the players begin to walk off the field. Some remove their helmets as they go, THEN suddenly there's a skirmish. If this is indeed what happened, then this is probably the explanation for no foul.

It was more just pushing and shoving and not full on fighting. No big deal.

I think when there's a dozen or more players involved, the officials, who have zero protection, are half trying to keep the peace and half trying to not get killed. They're on the lookout for more serious shots like that TiCat took to the throat of the MTL player...which got him the flag...other than that there's just not much too it.

That is not correct... A player must ask permission to remove his helmet.
Furthermore it did not happen after a half time whistle because the Hebert penalty allowed the cats to kick a field goal

Just checked the can remove it during a time out but not just because the clock had stopped. There was no time out and it was not half time