Questions on rules and replays.

I have a couple of questions which might be in regard to the rule changes and video replays.

First one, during the Edmonton/Toronto game there was pass interference called on Toronto at about the 2 or 3 yard line that resulted in a 10 yard penalty. My question is why 10 yards? Previously pass interference was a point of foul offence, has this changed with the new rules?

Second, during the same game, Toronto scored a touchdown and Edmonton requested a challenge. I realize that the play was not challengeable but isn't there an automatic review of every scoring play?

Third, I was at the Calgary/Hamilton game and on the goal line stand that Calgary was stopped on, the play in question was shown on the large screen TV, prior to Huff throwing the challenge flag, in fact Huff seemed to toss the flag after watching the replay. Granted, Huff would most definately have challenged the play anyways but I question whether the stadium video booth committed an error in showing the replay, prior to the challenge.

On your first question, the rule hasn't changed, as far as I know.

From 2013 Rule Book:

[b]RULE 6 - PASSING SECTION 4 – FORWARD PASS Article 9 – Interference By Both Teams After A Forward Pass Is Thrown Team B [Defence] Interference[/b] (ii) If interference is ruled deliberate – AFD [automatic first down] awarded to Team A [offence] at PF [point of foul] or 10 yards in advance of PLS [point of last scrimmage] (whichever is closer to Team B Goal Line).
I'm guessing that the pass interference was closer than ten yards to the line of scrimmage.

On your second question, all scoring plays are automatically reviewed. While I didn't see that part of the game, the game log has the following:

1151/10-E17 (14:18) T. HARRIS Completed Pass to T. GURLEY (17 yds) - Touchdown PENALTY EDMONTON: Delay of Game (10 yds) Edmonton challenged play. Charged with a delay of game penalty (unchallengeable aspect).
My guess is that the Eskimos coach wanted to make a point to the officials about something that the Argos did on that play, and was willing to take the delay of game penalty to do it. Maybe he was hoping that they would watch for it from that point on. Or maybe he just wanted to let them know he wasn't pleased that they missed the call.

For the third question, the stadium booth is not allowed to show any replays while the play is being reviewed. No idea why not, given that the replay official is not on site and therefore wouldn't be influenced by the crowd's reaction.

But before and after the review, thy can show any replay they want. The challenge flag often comes out only after the coach sees the replay on the big screen. Another source of home field advantage - the booth could show only replays of close calls that went against the home team, giving the home team's coach a chance to watch the replay before throwing the flag while denying the same opportunity to the visiting team's coach.

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