Questions for Ticats fans

  1. Why don't we start the season 2 months earlier to avoid freezing playoff and Grey Cup games.
  2. Do you feel there will be 1 hub city for each division where games will be played or each team hosts their own games.
  3. What do you think the % chance that here will be a 2021 season with vaccine ? Without vaccine?
  4. What are the % chances we will see J'Gared Davis back ? Bralon Addison? Lirum?
  5. How many players on their last year if contract in 2020 do you think we will see back ? Posey. ? Larry Dean ?
  6. With an extra year off , do you think Masoli can return to 100% , 90% ? 80%? He relies on his feet a lot.
  7. If we do have a season , we will not be able to release and bring on new American players as much as usual. They could allow larger practice rosters but that will cost more but more expects turnover.
  8. Ticats look great on paper. Which players are we most likely to lose ? Those that we got on a bargain price like Posey ? Dean ?
    9 . I feel Tasker will sign with the cats if there is a season since his home and life is in Buffalo.

essays will be marked out of 30. :slight_smile:

  1. lots of reasons
    2)no idea
    3)90% with, 50/50 without
    4)very low
    6)90% but that's not a factor
    8)Banks, Dean, Breaux

wouldnt it be great to have grey cup game on cdn thnksgivin ?
starting the season earler makes great sense
when NFL has not started play 2 cfl games on sat, 2 on sun
once nfl starts, 2 on fri, 2 on sat
that way u dont compete w/ nfl

cfl needs a balance league
commish should speand his time getting a team in halifax
and not worry about plyers from europw or mexico

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So start the season against the Stanley Cup playoffs?

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I think the season will happen as it looks like there will be significant vaccine rollout by the summer. How the season is structured ( how long with no fans, how many games) is still up in the air.

I think we will sign Banks as he seems committed to Hamilton and he signed a team friendly deal last time, and he's his own agent giving him 15-20% extra to play with.

I think season could/ should start around June 1st with Grey Cup 1 week after Halloween. Any earlier is too early.

at that time its almost th finals so plays cfl games during that time of year in afternoon and nhl games are almost always at night [hockey games are not weather condition dependengt

It is more than actual TV conflicts that is an issue if the CFL starts in mid-May during the NHL playoffs ... it is the depth of coverage from the media and whether casual sports fans would pay any attention to the CFL ... a concern for TSN as well as game-to-game ticket sales.

just think cfl should take advantage of as many long weekends as possible and play GC game BEFORE time change and play GC game in daylight and conflict as little as possible w/ nfl

may long weekend
july 1
aug long weekend
sep long weekend
5 of 18 games on holidays
2 games against each team = 2 x 8 = 16
lots of room on sched for resting if season were to start on may long weekend
GC game doesnt need to be on tanksgiving but game should be played BEFORE time change and in daylight hours
and weather would be better in say late oct

CFL is not going against the NHL. It would be worse than when it tries Sunday games in the fall (ratings disaster).

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I think most years, the stanley cup finals are pretty much over by first reg season games.

It was proposed that the Grey Cup be on Thanksgiving weekend.

If the Grey Cup was ever moved to the last week of October every 7 years the Grey Cup would be on Halloween night with a 6:30 kickoff that would be a ratings disaster for the Eastern time zone especially. So the cup would have to be played a week earlier or a week later then Halloween if they ever decided to move it.

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Forget the 2 month early start idea, CFL in April or May Bad idea, too much conflict with NHL playoffs.

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Why is everyone afraid of a little weather?
Why do teams like Green Bay, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, New York (both teams) Cleveland, etc play in open-air stadia in JANUARY, and yet STILL fill their seats (when in non-COVID years)?
Weather is part of Football. If it wasn't every game would be played in domes.
We live in a Northern climate. Put a coat on, zip it up, and wear a hat to keep your head warm. Loudly cheering your team on along will keep you warm. Standing around on the concourse, however, probably will NOT...


Whenever the GC game happens it should be returned to the afternoon hours on Sat. No need for fans to suffer in dark & cold just to please the media. Actually, ratings should do fine without conflict with NFL SNF. It was just more exciting when played Sat afternoon. Also, its better for fans to travel home for work Mon. Let's think about the fans for once.

CFL in May, a disaster due to conflict with NHL playoffs. Agree, Sunday games very bad for ratings. Why not try some games Sat afternoon?

Trouble with May, to me, is that you are competing with getting the “summer chores” done, and those with summer homes are probably thinking about opening up, getting the boat ready. Others may be getting kids lined up for summer, summer jobs, vacations. By late June, routines have settled in, and by July, there is more time to think about football. Truth be told, for most of us, Labour Day marks the real start of the season, when the teams get the racing tires out, and the rubber hits the road.

Hi displaced fan. My concern was not for the fans but for the majority of American players that have never experienced minus 20 weather like the Ticats Grey Cup in Saskatchewan. I recall CJ Gable in complete shock standing beside portable heaters shaking just barely able to handle being outside let alone play football. I agree with your point about NFL games in Chicago etc being cold. My point is that I agree with cold weather football and toughness and all that bit not to the point of frostbite like Saskatchewan was. The labor day games seem like about perfect football weather ..cold and tough but not minus 20 or colder where the players have no protection like parkas ..long johns..gloves toques and sweaters....I don't believe in resorting to some grey cups so that is why I though we could push the schedule back so the Grey cup and playoff games are not in bone chilling frozen conditions.
Snow or ice should never be a part of football game...I recall and fantuz holding a ball for a game winning field goal in Calgary and since it was on pure ice the ball slid and they missed the field. The snowing Grey Cup in Hamilton was the Argos and Flutie was also not a true football game . I am ok with cold weather games as part of football but not in a snowstorm or in minus 20 weather.

What about doubling up the 2 championships.

That can't happen if the Grey Cup is in October and the Vanier Cup in November.