Questions for Ticats FANS

  1. Why is it that we cannot even come close to the turnout and atmosphere that we get on the LABOR day game .
    We get over 30,000 people to this game and we can't get much over 22,000 to other games . I don't see more than 1,000 Argos fans either . It would be great if we could figure out how to attract those additional 8,000 fans every game . Any ideas ?
    We could create an official tailgaiting area with live bands as well as live bands in the stadium . But bands that the younger kids like and know .

  2. Is it time to give up on COBB and bring in some NFL cuts to see how they fair . I say yes . I was never a fan of COBB'S . He breaks the odd one for 30 yards and then losses yards or gains less than 2 on most other runs . That is a pretty good and experienced line we have so I am guessing it is not the OLINES FAULT . By bringing in other backs we will surely find out . i think we can't win the GREY CUP with no running game ? Thoughts ?

  3. Are we still playing with one less Import then we can play with ? I mean at one point we had Long and Hickman playing the ends with Mcintyre subbing in at times and we had 4 Import Lineman lining up at times if i am not mistaken . Also , when Drisan Jaems was here he used to come in as the 5th receiver on passing downs . I know we added an import kicker but wow that sure has stifled our passing down situation as a guy like Drisan James caused alot more headaches to a defence then say Non Imort Matt Carter or Baumann with all de respect to Carter and Bamann.

Right Now , I think we need an import coming in on passing downs like James was doing ..Maybe Fish or Ball .

  1. Does anyone think our secondary is good enough to take us to the promised land ? I don't think so ...Did anyone notice some of the underneath passes Lemon threw to wode open guys because BRADLEY plays off guys a bit too much ? YES Bradley hits hard when he gets there and yes he doesn't seem to get beat long much but boy he does leave alot of room in front of him ...

One good thing I have noticed is good teams win games when they don't play so well and that is now what the ticats are doing . It is because they have a veteran QB that avoids mistakes and a veteran defensive co-ordinator that knows when to take chances . Veteran Head Coach as well.. kudos to him on the blocked punt and the 3rd down gamble by Wilbur ,,,both very smart moves that essentially won the game for them . i also notice the cats are very efficient when they blitz and tend to get to the qb ANY 3 OF out star linebackers .

As an aside of the game for me was when Hickman was coming up the middle on a bull rush and basically plowed # 67 and push him on the QB on his way top the QB

1 Hamilton is a big event city. Its not just the TigerCats that suffer from this. The Bulldogs get 4-5,000 during the season and attendance doesn't get much better until a deciding game in the finals. I really don't know how to fix it other that trying to attract out of towners so that every game has more of an event feel. As long as we are in the city away from transportation corridors and in a section of town that out of towners want no part of we are stuck with what we have. It seems that 20-24,000 is the most we are going to get from the predominately city based core we have. We need to expand that core to include 2-4,000 more from outside the city.

  1. I'm not opposed to competition at the position but I think its largely a systemic problem with Cobb. I don't think that Jimmy Brown could succeed with our playbook

3 I really don't keep on top of those things like others. I'm sure someone will answer

4 I think its our defensive line thats a bigger problem. No pressure equals more time equals more receptions.