Questions for Ticat Fans

  1. Is brooks the real deal or will Barrenchea coem back or was he Marshalls boy
  2. Why can;t they use Holmes at slot ?
  3. Why is pattterson playing over Ralf ?
  4. Why do they not get Cavil in there
    5 why is flick not getting the ball
    6 how long is wayne smith out for
    7 should gordon not be starting at safety over the other guy shaw
    8 can we not find an experienced CB ?
    9 HAS BELLI been quiet of late or is it me ?
    10 is devonte P one dump penalty away form getting YEASTED out of here ?
    11 is bradley as starting cb ?
    12 will we beat tornto this week and why
    13 should mariuz be a starter ?
  1. Brooks is o.k, yes Auggie was Marshall's type of player
  2. I think Holmes has been playing through an injury all season, just a feeling.
  3. Why is Peterson and Ralph playing over Moreale?
  4. Because he's not that great
  5. He's not in sync with Maas, he will have a break out second half though
  6. I hope so
  7. Maybe if the circus going on in Toronto this week was too much for them
  8. If there was no import rule then no

1 ) Brooks is the real deal, Barrenechea is hurt, but they are both solid linebackers

2 ) They can use Holmes at slot, slowly but surely our gameplan will come around

3 ) To be honest, I don't know. Brock Ralph should be starting over Peterson, though Peterson has shown a great deal this year, I think it'd be better to see them going 50/50 on plays

4 ) Cavil is starting with Vaughn at slot, though he should be at Wide Receiver, Flick should be in Cavil's slot position

5 ) Flick is not getting the ball because he's at wideout, our playbook is not to get the ball to our wideouts, our go-to guys are our runningbacks and slotbacks, which is why Flick should be at slot

6 ) Honestly? I don't know, hopefully not much longer, because with the 9 week injury to Cheron our Offensive Line is in need of a guard

7 ) Gordon is hurt, however I've liked what I've seen from Shaw this year, he's really focused on improving his game, and it's showing. Shaw can lay the boom-stick now, and it's exciting too watch, he's just got to be able to make those interceptions

8 ) We don't need an experienced CB, our defensive backfield is starting to hold its own and I'm glad to see that. Cody and Bradley especially are looking very good this year.

9 ) It's not that Belli has been quiet, it's that he's just not putting up the sack numbers. This is because of the on and off injuries to Cotton and Cheatwood. When the tackles don't have to worry as much about the Defensive Ends they can push more-so towards the middle which means more guys for Belli to get around

10 ) DeVonte Peterson has looked really solid this year, last year I really wished Dunbrack was starting, but Peterson has improved vastly, he's just getting better. Penalties happen, and our team is taking less and less, so the odd stupid penalty doesn't effect me as much as it used to

11 ) Bradley is hurt right now, when he comes back he'll most like assume the starting cornerback role, although I'm not sure who he'd be placed over, it'd be a tough decision, as both Young and Justin have played quite well.

12 ) I strongly believe we will beat the hated Argonauts this week, their ship has sailed and it left the team waiting at the dock. I think the Tiger-Cats winning this one will be the Argonauts iceberg, and their ship is going to go the way of the Titanic. We're getting better, they're getting worse.

13 ) Yes, he should be a starter, he's young and the more we play him the better he will become. He's done the little things this year, and he's Canadian to boot. I don't think he'll lose his job anytime soon

that was a great question along with a great answer.

Agreed. Mind you, Miller91 then went and blew all his credibility answering number 12. :wink:

Haha, funny. However much I hate to admit it, I may have hated the Argonauts my whole life, but up until this year, them and Montreal (still do getting a little frightened when playing Montreal) were the only teams I would be worried about playing, when it's the Cats' and Argo's it could go both ways. Or it could be a tie, like labour two years ago. Damn I hated that.

Good Luck on Saturday Tuck :thup:

Go Cats Go!

Great thread.

I have some questions I'd like answered too:

  1. What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  2. What do you burn apart from witches?

  3. What is your name?

  4. What is your quest?

  5. What is your favorite colour?

fuggettaboutit! :oops:

  1. What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    What do you mean, an African or European swallow?

  2. What do you burn apart from witches?
    More Witches

  3. What is your name?
    Sir Galahad of Camelot

  4. What is your quest?
    I seek the Holy Grail

  5. What is your favorite colour?

Oh and the actual average speed of an Unladen swallow is 11 metres per second or 24 miles per hour

If we had answers to even half of these questions...we wouldn't be 2-6.

i dunno.... the favourite colour one maybe..... but other than that...

Hilarious stuff, Ockham and Miller91! Gotta love Monty Python.

Looking forward to Saturday Miller91, best of luck to you guys too. Should be a dandy, a nice precursor to the always-exciting LDC.

BTW, I'll be taking in the game from a box filled mostly with Ticat fans. I just want you to know that if I fall to my death during the game or after, I neither slipped or was drunk.... Tigger pushed me.

we'll be shiney...

Good Luck on Saturday Tuck
You will need it

I'll bring The Doughnuts :smiley:

Haha, don't worry the boxes aren't too high up, you should survive. Good luck with that, hopefully it's not too chilly later on in the evening. I know when I was in one for the pre-season game I was freezing my buns off :stuck_out_tongue: