Questions for next year!

Well Calgary has a great team and changes will be made for sure. But one thing for sure it will be even better next year. Unlike that say the Riders who really have no QB to speak of. Unproven rookies is what they got. The Eskimos will improve as well they know their weakness but one thing they have is a proven QB. The Lions are going to be there yet again they too have proven qb's. So with that in mind the Riders look to be the floor mats for next years model. Maybe Nealon Greene can come out retirement. :smiley:

I thought he was fifth on the depth chart behind Rockey Butler? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously though RW2005, thats a pretty good summary. I think next year will determine if Pierce is really a starter or just a good backup.

I’ll bet money that Calgary repeats a first place finish next year.

Sporty I think Pierce has what it takes he is still a (sorry for the pun) green LOL. He needs better protection. Given another year and he will do fine in my opinion. But really all teams with the excerption of Regina are stable in the most important position.

Well protection may be an issue. There is a rumour floating around that Rob Murphy could sign as a free agent in Hamilton (Closer to his home in the States). We all know how difficult lineman are to find, especial the left tackle on the QB’s “Blind side”.

Anyways, you guys enjoy your Grey Cup victory. Your team deserved it!

Sporty not sure you guys will miss Murphy. He looked like a swivel door at the Bay store in the last part of the season. I am sure they can find a replacement in no time.

The only thing I'm worried about for the stamps is the backup QB role. If Burris does go down again there could be trouble.

Matt D'Orazio was the best quarterback in the AFL last year, and has signed with the Stampeders for 2009.

AFL quarterbacks don’t impress me. you dont' think what Kurt Warner did this past season for Arizona wasn't impressive?...

Hamilton and Winnipeg are hardly 'stable' at QB. Porter's unproven and Richie's still back-up and Glenn may or may not b a T-CAt this yr. Winnipeg's going with career back-ups this season it seems but in the West yeah, I think Sask. will be the bottom of a tough division. Even with all the shenanegans in Regina last year they still found a way to be damn competitive and win so don't count them out yet, they could still be a +.500 team this season. imho of course

I guess I am saying, particularly on a CFL field, arena QBs do not impress me.

I think he was referring to the West division only.

Richie Williams is now a free agent. And personally, I think he would be a good fit with the Stamps. I wouldn't mind if the Riders took a look at him, but I doubt they will.

I think the Stamps should have a look at Williams as well. D'Orazio is fine but I think I would have preferred Russ Michna instead. He basically took the Chicago Rush job away from an Arena legend in Sherdrick Bonner and is now tearing it up with the Chicago Slaughter (granted, they are a rung down from the AFL but his numbers from last year are still impressive) plus he is younger and has some CFL experience. He kinda had a shot in Winnipeg but the Bombers brass were so high on Tee Martin at the time that Michna got overlooked a little.

I also liked Michael Souza from the Dunigan years and thought he should have had a shot when Higgins came in but was let go.  Pierce reminds me of Souza a little bit.

Anyway, for the here and now, Nealy might turn out to be ok yet and if D'Orazio makes the team then good on him.

Also for next year, what do you guys think about todays picks.  Three for offence and three for defence.  Tristan Black looks pretty impressive.  Looking forward to camp now.

The stamps definitely had a good draft, according to what the experts were projecting. They snagged a couple top rated players even with their later picks.