Questions for Mr.Taffe

Where do I start?

  1. Why, after the Als kick field goals do we not scrimmage on the 35 yd line. Instead (3 times) we elect to have them kick and we are starting at are own 20. Even if there is a good return (Armstead looked good) we would just get a penalty to move us back.

  2. Speaking of flags, I think there were 15 more for about 120yd. Nice, time for Mr Taffe to start taking responsibilty as there is no discipline on this team. Found it very funny that the commenators were saying that the 20000 people were throwing our offense off with all the noise. Some of these players played in front of that type of crowd in HighSchool

  3. Kicking game looked good but Mr. Taffe should tell Setta to not worry about hang time and just kick it deep because if he kicks it 40-45 yards we just get a no yard penalty for 15 yards EVERYTIME. Glad to see that Mr. Taffe and the crew have trained our guys right

  4. Play calling, in the 2nd quarter Lumsden go the ball 0 times.( I guess we don't want to pad his Stats so the NFL will stop looking, or maybe he's the next Corey Holmes) . With the game still close the Als got Payton involved but we didn't with Lumsden. What happened to the little dump pass that he destroys other teams with.

  5. Jason Mass cannot get the job done, his too deep passes to Frence were badly underthrown. His starting record speaks for itself ( I am not Mass hater but enuf is enuf)

In closing I couldn't get my 10 year old son to watch the game in the 2nd half as he would rather watch the Family channel with his sisters and mother.

Can't take much more

What? Just five questions?

I thought Taaffe was brought in to guide the team. All I kept hearing was that he is a no nonsense type of coach and that he would not put up with any crap. If that is the case, explain why the team keeps taking stupid penalties game in, game out.

After listening to Charlie Taaffe on the 5th quarter tonight.....he sounded like a beaten man. Not good.

if his interview took place in the dressing room,it sounded like quite a party in there.

He's brought it on himself by continuuing to play Maas and not showing enough courage to go to Chang, Williams or Butler. Sorry I don't feel bad for him in the least. he should be worried, This is disgraceful.

Taffe has to stepup and admit the team is going in the wrong direction. This team looked to be improving the last few weeks but now seem to be regressing. Time for some changes. Lots of NFL cuts coming available. We seem to have a good nucleus but too many holes.Too many penalties. Undisciplined poorly coached team. Too many bad decisions.Week Quarterbacking....all spells disasture

maybe the biggest problem,weak coaching.the last coach got fired for a lot less.

He got fires after 22 games of failure. He was on a short leash the day they signed Paopao.

22 games of failure? sounds maas like

8) You are so right !!! All we heard about Taaffe was that he was just what the TiCats needed, a no nonsence, tough diciplinarian who would not put up with any crap !!!! What a laugh !!!!

It's kind of ironic because the talk about Marshall was that he identified too much with the players, was too close in age, and was no heavy handed. Have the players attitudes really changed any? When a team continues to take stupid penalties game in game out, one has to question the coaching. Why are O linemen jumping before the count? Why do they continue to take lazy holding penalties?