Questions for Edmonton Empire

As the Esks are heading into the last week of the season & into the playoffs.

Will the Esks replace Canadian DT Stefan Charles on the Roster for American Vickers to rotate on the interior DT line starters.

I ask do to several reasons.
First. Canadian DT. Mackie plays on special teams where Vickers doesnt. So I doubt they wuld take him off.

Next, I have to think that CJ Gable will be back and they will want to dress both American RBs Gable & Cooper.

Third question that goes along with this. American DB Anthony Orange is currently on the 6th game IR. Is he out for the season or will he be back for the playoffs at least?

I would think with the esks dressing 4 canadian DBs. 3 at safety. And know clear back up to SAM LB Unaba that they would may not want to pull any of the American DBs.

As well they are teetering along dressing just 6 olineman.
American OT Draheim who has started 10 games this year at both LT & some RT.
While dressing 3 Canadian FBs.

To me Charles for Vickers could really be a strong player to balance the Ratio.

DT is the only bright spot on that defence and yes they should put Charles in the rotation and keep the starters for next season too.

RB - No, no one’s job is safe next season and have everyone prove themselves in camp again.

Everyone else on defence needs to either try out for the team again or hit the road.

I cant complain about those things for next year. The LB Core is VERY thin as well.
But im thinking about the here and now.
Especially with the RBs.
They will need them both. To make a run.
Ya just cant give up. Ifvur in thevplayoffs ya gota play to win. Ya never know.