Questions and Comments for Ticats Fans

  1. We were using 4 import DLINEMEN and then Adams got hurt so we went back to using 1 non import DLINEMAN in Kirk . i noticed that there was know other adjustment made to the ratio to put an additional Import elsewhere as we went wih 3 import recievers instead of 4. Did we go with less imports
    then we could have ?

  2. Anyone think that Garret Mcyntire would be suuted to play Defensive Tackle instead of DE ? This was we could play Khari Long and him . I noticed that Garret is a great tackler .

  3. Anyone else curious as to why Obie brings in guys for liek 2 days and then gets rid of them . For example Pope and Landry recently . Would this not start getting people angry and is it not a bit too quick to judge ?

Comments on the game :

  1. Word has it that Knowlton's strip of the ball was based on film they say on jackson on short yardage plays . If that is the case kudos to the team preparation !! Knowlton is a smart and physical player

  2. Jamal Johnson is a real tough competitor and he intimidates his opponents . A very hard and sure tackler and always at the right place at the right time . Reminds me alot of Armour .

  3. Curious as to why Cobb can look so good against BC and non existant against montreal and WPG .

  4. I quite like the developement of Mcdaniel .

5 . Porter took a step forward with that opening drive . His development and then tems development are in sync and if it continues then wow we could make some noise this year .

I agree. What I had noticed in the first few games was that it seems Porter relied on short passes to check down receivers or deep corners as a way to stretch the field. What I noticed on Friday against the Lions was that Porter is starting to see the middle of the field better and is learning to trust his receivers and his reads on intermediate patterns in the middle of the field. And in my opinion, these are the important patterns when it comes to converting on 2nd and long.

It's nice to see Porter is an intelligent player and is continuing to develop.

Oskee wee wee.

  • paul

Porter's emergence came on the drive starting on the one after the fumble IMO. That drive was a thing of beauty and sent waves of confidence through the entire offencive team I should imagine


  1. We were playing with one Import "short" - that way we could rotate an Import in for Kirk without altering the ratio;
  2. Keep McIntyre on DE. It has been working VERY well so far;
  3. The guys he brings in may not be as good as the players we have, they might not pass the team physical, they may run away screaming in terror at the size of the field, the 3 downs, the rouge, etc...;


  1. Yes, it was VERY good scouting and team prep;
  2. JoJuan who?
  3. Cobb lookes great against BC because the O-line dominated their D-line. We also played a different offensive scheme against BC;
  4. Agree;
  5. Yup. Duane Forde mentioned "The Tiger-Cats are not sneeking up on people anymore. They are becoming a dangerous team." (sic).

Great replies guys especially sigpig ...

I believe Pope was scouted by Obie
and/or his scouting staff with B.C.

and he went through the process of contacting him
to find out if he would ever be interested in the CFL

so when B.C. dropped him from their negotiation list
Obie put him on the Tiger Cat negotiation list.

Pope was available and ready to come up here

when we needed another Import LB
because of Otis Floyd's concussion

a few weeks back.

After Dennis Haley did such a good job filling in for Otis Floyd
Marcel told Pope he couldn't offer him a spot on the roster but

if he wanted to return at another time he would be welcomed back.

It turned out that an NFL team is now interested in him.

The bottom line is, when a player on you negotiation list
is ready, willing and able to come up for a 'look see'

you take the opportunity to bring him in

because there may have been years of massaging
a relationship with a neg list player and his agent.

gerbear9, you ask...

'Would this not start getting people angry
and is it not a bit too quick to judge? '

IMO, football players consider these 'job interviews'
just like the rest of us do in our lines of work'.

Marcel isn't considering whether the new prospect
trying out in mid season has more potential or not

he is considering who is further ahead NOW

Dennis Haley, with a full Training Camp
and a few CFL league games under his belt

is further ahead NOW.

IMO, Marcel wasn't sure of that after his first game
but he's really picked up his game the last few games

and Otis Floyd is still here waiting to return.

thanks ronfromtigertown

great insight on pope especially