Questions and a possible solution to offside issue

do they still say DOWN SET to start each play?

if not, how do the linemen know when they can no longer move till the play starts?

I am thinking that they should change the rule for receivers so that at the point when the linemen cant move, the receivers also cannot move towards the line of scrimmage. Only motion allowed at that time is sideways or backwards. There would be a lot less offsides, and a lot less times when fans are sure the supposed blind refs didnt see an offside.

I like the way it is now, it's "hockey in football" sort of thing with offsides at the blueline. Sure, in hockey you see times when you say that has to be offside but not called, usually the home team gets away with it, but that's another thing I like about the CFL to be honest. And of course it's not a gimmick, it's been in the rules for decades upon decades.

I don't think that would cut down on offsides. It's all a timing thing by the receivers - if the receiver thinks it's snap time, he'll make his move across, or in your suggestion towards, the line of scrimmage. Either way, if his timing is off, he'll make his move too early and it'll be offside.

Years ago, the rule was that backfield players, i.e. not linemen or ends, had to be at least a yard back from the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped. They could be moving toward the line, but they were offside if they came too close. The number of offsides didn't change up or down when they changed it to today's rule.

And personally, I like the wide open pre-snap movement of the Canadian game. It's one of the main reasons I prefer it over the American game.

its easier to see when the player moved forward from not, than to tell how well he timed it on the run, unless of course he was way off.

also, it would reduce the number of times people get confused at seeing the reciever cross the line before the ball is in the QBs hands or the Qb starts to move backward.

this sounds like NFL.. yuck.

no thank you!

Haha. while I don't think the NFL is 'yucky' the lack of forward motion is my absolute least favorite thing about the NFL. In my opinion if they added that one thing their game would be a lot better.

So I will repeat what cflisthebest said.

No Thank You!

motion in the NFL is a lot more limited. This would still be more like CFL than NFL

I have a PVR and rarely watch the games live because of work. One call the officials are almost always correct on is offsides. At full speed it can look offside because of the camera angle which makes it difficult to watch the wholeline and the snap of the ball at the same time. Many, many times I see what, at full speed, I think is an obvious offside only to pause the action and see that the player I thought was offside is in fact onside. This call is all about positioning and the official that makes that call is in the best possible position to make that call.

When they throw the flag 99.9999999% of the time they are correct on offsides.

unlimited motion is part of what makes the CFL great. you start to restrict it in any fashion and you are starting to take away the Canadian Identity.

just leave it alone.

so we stick our CFL heads in the sand and never change, never improve.

You improve where improvements are needed, I'm with CFLis on this one, the offsides aren't a major issue in the CFL. If you have a PVR, and you actually slow down the play and watch, most of the time when a receiver looks offside, it's just because you haven't seen the QB get the ball yet. As long as the center is snapping the ball the play is legal. If the receiver times it perfectly in full stride he'll look offside. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but because of the motion it always looks worse than it is.

what you are depicting is just about exactly what the NFL plays, the only difference being the amount of players in motion. makes for a very boring offense when you take out the motion. every sunday you can see what you are talking about, but thank god not in our game.

no, we can still have all kinds of motion, just not forward during the time the linemen have to freeze.

as for offsides not being a problem, re previous poster. It sure seems to be for the fans with all the crying about supposed non called offsides every game.

then that's not unlimited motion anymore.

you cannot change this!

Let them cry about it. It doesn't change the fact that most of the plays people whine about aren't actually offside. They want the officials to call phantom penalties to appease themselves.

The linesmen are focused on this very aspect of the game at the snap. They are almost always correct. We the fans (even the avid fans) watch much more than just the receiver waggles at the snap. At full speed by the time we watch the ball snapped and move our eyes to the receiver, he has taken 2 or 3 steps into defensive territory. Like the other poster said, PVR it and watch in slow-mo...

The running start available to 5 of the 7 eligible receivers is an integral part of Canadian football. It is more valuable to the game in terms of opening things up offensively and worth the confusion of a few spectators.

Stop the vertical head start on receivers and you've just given the defence a sizeable advantage. It could potentially stall pass-offence in the CFL with only 2 downs to scrimmage safely in much the same way that strict blocking rules stalled kick returns in the mid 2000s.

And the linesmen are in the perfect position to see both the snap of the ball and all players between them and the ball. With one on each side of the field, they don't miss much. Fans, on the other hand, aren't watching from the same angle, and often don't notice the snap until they see the o-line move or the ball in the QB's hands. Much too late, give the speed of the receivers, to spot an offside.