Questions about the roster limits

All through the winter, it seemed to me the Als kept hiring people all the time. This morning, I went to check their roster and started counting how many guys wer under contract with Montreal.

In the new rule book, it says "Limit on Players Under Contract to 75 players in off-season, 68 players by training camp (current year draft choices exempt)."

The Als currently have 78 players under contract, not counting their 7 draftees.

So here are my questions:

  • Why is there a limit on the number of players you can hire during the winter?
  • What's the penalty, if any, for busting the limit of 75?
  • How do you go from 75 to 68 BEFORE training camp anyways, as you haven't had the chance to evaluate your guys yet?

I even wonder how a team gets to fairly evaluate this many people in such a short period of time. You have 46 roster spots, and probably about 35 returning players, this means about 40 guys compete for ten jobs.

I presume there must be a lot of gems that were cut by the different teams over the years just because they had so little time to display what they could do in training camp.

.......maybe not a true answer to your question but the stamps yesterday cut Juhasz, Gesser, Deck and De La Peralle, all players under contract and expected to attend TC.....I guess pre-TC cuts are made based on a GM/Coaches decision on depth......but you're right, these guys could be diamonds, probably not, but maybe.....

I've noticed some of the teams are having a two day rookie camp before the main one...this is where they will probably cut down to the 65 man limit not counting the rookie Canadians. I don't think many players are brought to camp any more that the teams haven't worked out at a tryout camp over the the coaches have a pretty good idea what they're getting and just need to see the players in game conditions to make their final decision. That's my take on it anyway.

Some players sign and then don't show up for a variety of reasons...others fail their physical and get released prior to camp...I think most teams usually have 3 or 4 guys they are expecting who never make it that far.

Those are in addition to players who get dumped because someone better becomes available. Harsh, but that's the reality of football.

Also, if i'm not mistaken, the Ottawa players do not count towards the original TC limit.