Questions about the game

Hi, I was at the game, a few comments first. Printers actually looked really, really good to me. The offensive line was horrible, one of their worst outtings ever, and thats saying a lot. But Printers was able to scramble and hit guys on the run, nice work. Jesse is sorely missed, his apparent proneness to injuries makes me nervous because he is clearly needed. The recievers, wow. Catch the ball with your hands guys, not your chest. I still feel bad for the defence, having to play with this team. Sure the secondary gets burned a half dozen times a game, and they never get interceptions. But, I love our tackling, I like our pressure on the QB. Our defence is average, its our offence that stinks.

Now, a couple questions, thanks to anyone that can answer these for me:

  • Was Printers "mouthing off" during the game, or just showing passion? Because I saw replays of him in a Bar (no sound), where he was clearly upset and saying something both on the field and on the sidelines on multiple occasions. Is there any word on what exactly he was angry about, and whether he was "leadership angry" or "spoiled little princess angry"? Because I think their is a big difference between the two, and I'm really hoping it was the former but it looked like it could have been the latter.

  • What is with our OC? We need more 20 yard passes, less 5 yard dumps. If you need 8 yards for a first down, don't pass it 5 or 6, pass it 10 or 11 please. Is there any chance Taeffe is going to get rid of the guy?

I did see him do the motion of look at me to a receiver after a play when he was yelling.
He pointed to the receiver and then his eyes.
Either he was telling him to look at him, or look at the ball.

Printers gave Curry an earful after he didn't look back at the point his route was run, Casey threw a bullet to him, had he looked he would have seen it, I like the fact Casey did that.. shows he's taking CONTROL of this team, basically telling the receivers, play it right or you won't get the ball.... I agree Printers looked good with the limited playbook and the BRUTAL O-Line... MAN they stunk the joint out tonight!!!