Questions about Saturday rulings by officials

Never explained by the on-air dudes:

  1. Why was Dave Dick not granted a timeout in OT?

  2. On the 2 pt. convert Coohorne appeared to fondle the ball into the turf, why was it called successful?

  3. Officiating is sketchy and inconsistent - that's the only constant and explains #1 and #2

Regardless with the reviews the human element can never be removed from the game. The reviews have change nothing. It comes down to one guy making a decision and that should be left to those guys on the field. In the years before reviews there were always questionable calls and in some cases they were wrong as fans we would bitch about them but at the time the game was left up to the guys on the field. Now with reviews there are as you pointed out questionable calls and in some cases now there are more than there were before reviews. The point is when there was no reviews a call was the call fans accepted it as such may have bitched a bit but eventually it was done with. Now it is replayed and if the calls such as the case you mentioned fans can get more frustrated as they get to see it over and over again. I like the idea of the review but they should have three guys looking at that review and the three would have to decide. As of now it is Jake blind man Ireland who to begin with is judgemental on the teams he likes and dislikes. Either get three guys to decide or remove the review process all together. Coohorn did not catch the ball it was obvious as the tip of the football hit the ground so he could secure it. Dave Dickenson totally was ignored when he called Time out and they get a penalty. I noticed also in this game the number of penalties called was outragious. I find it funny that Calgary was the least penalized team up until this game was the team getting most of them. Now maybe just maybe they were deserved but I find it kind of fishy. That crew was just terrible.
I would get rid of the review process and let the guys on the field make the calls bad or not the game moved along much quicker. The other beef is the reviews after each touchdown good in some ways but fans have to sit and wait to make it official some what kills the excitement a bit.

Teams are not allowed a timeout in overtime. Nothing sketchy at all about it other than Dickenson getting carried away and forgetting the rules.

Exactly and that is the reason for the delay of game penalty.