Questions about depth chart !

Why is Nautyn McKay-Loescher a back-up?

Where is David Lofton?

i think Jykine Bradley will play well at CB and i think starting jason french is a good idea.

and so far jason armstead has showed me nothing on kick returns, yet Nate Curry won special teams player of the week honours when we put him returning kicks and punts

I guess they're moving into evaluation mode here. Taking a better look at Hodges is ok, same for Delgardo

I'm glad to see Sandy Beveridge at safety, I think he belongs there.

I agree Curry should see return duty, he's very good at it.

Yup.... it's pre-season time gang.

Listen to the press conference to hear what Coach had to say about these guys. It appears McKay is a little banged up.

And so are Armour and Cody.

I can’t believe JoJuan will be able to play.

I'm hopeful that Bradley impresses coach Taaffe.

It's pretty sad that a player who started 12 games last year

has to wait until the 17th game of the season
to get a chance to impress the Head Coach.

I said after the Winnipeg lose a few weeks back that the '08 Pre-Season had officially began...I wasn't kidding. It's a good strategy. I think this is the best begining to a season (albeit early) in years. What else do we have to get us through.

Go Cat's

Awesome !!!

We won 2 games in a row we will be unbeaten again.
What a great feeling I am on top of the world.

That dossnt even matterthough because hes guanna put on a show tonight people get ready. If he stays in there all night im promissing a pick.

I’ve wondered why it is that he hasn’t been playing and it’s remotely possible that there might be a reason for it. If there isn’t I’m not a very happy camper right now.

How can the man go from amazing to nothing over the off season? I know he got hurt in training camp but come on he deserved playing time before the second last game of the season. He was proby better than gordon and kari kari put togeather when he was ingured

Makes you wonder that if Gordon, Anderson are deemed better than Bradley then the defensive schemes must really be lacking.

I really wonder how Bradley would have shown under the current scheme that displays confusion and break downs.