Questions about 2021

I haven't posted in a while but these are things on my mind.
If the season starts on August 5th with 14 games, are the players going to be asked to take an additional 20% pay cut because they are playing 4 less games ?
If no fans are allowed until September ( for example) will the league start in September and play 9 or 10 games or will they play 4 -5 weeks with no fans.
The messaging has been mixed. Hamilton and Ottawa say they are ready to go with no fans if needed. BC says they want about 5000 per game as a minimum. It seems like the league, as a whole, has said no fans , then no start.
To me , it seems silly to scrap games in August because of no fans , if fans are on the horizon in the fall. Playing a whole month before NFL gets started seems beneficial to get the league back up and running fans or no fans.
Most large summer events are being cancelled already, and the BC medical officer said no big crowds for the rest of the year is likely. So does that mean the CFL is dead again?
I think that if cases go way down and vaccinations are successful, and there is evidence from the UK, the USA and Israel that outdoor events can be run safety , it will be hard for our leaders to justify keeping restrictions for the rest of the year.


In BC, they're hoping ,by saying there may not be any gatherings, that people will actually wake-up and do their part to stem the curve.

Nothing else has worked so far.

And this to me is the number 1 fundamental problem with the thinking of starting off with no fans to start (or playing first in only stadiums that are allowed to have fans), before ramping up when fans are allowed to attend again.

Is it actually guaranteed that fans will be allowed the later we get into the season?

And as I've tried to point out before on these boards (though received very few replies to this), what if the league did start playing based on the premise that fans will be allowed back into the stands later.

Only for new issues to come up, rather it be a new wave, or even another variant, to the point where at least some of the provinces no longer allows fans for the rest of the season?

What exactly is the league's plan in this specific scenario? Will the league be committed to playing without fans in some or all of the cities for the rest of the season should this scenario arise?

Or is there a possibility that in this case, the rest of the season simply gets cancelled?

What the league needs to do, but they probably won't, is commit to the August 5th start no matter what, and hope that they get some revenue from fans at some point in the season.
The league, the commissioner anyways, implied last month that it is the community based teams that are the most ill-equipped to play without fans. I find that hard to believe. Winnipeg's loses for 2020 were reported much less then anticipated, Edmonton admitted they were able to not dip into their 15 million dollar rainy day fund, and Saskatchewan, who leads the league in attendance, are hosting the Grey Cup next year and will make up for some losses by hosting the big game post pandemic.
Something doesn't smell right.
My guess, and I'm only speculating, is that something bigger is happening behind the scenes. An ultimatum from MLSE maybe? A hidden desire to fold the league for a big XFL/CFL reboot? It just doesn't make sense.
It makes way more sense to commit to August 5th no matter what and rebuild the brand.

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Again, this doesn't take into consideration that what if at least one of the provinces tells a team(s) (since some provinces have multiple teams) that they actually CANNOT have fans anymore in the middle of a playing season?

What exactly is the league's backup plan in this case? There's only 2 that I can think of at the moment; either play through without fans and take the revenue hit, or cancel the rest of the season.

And if it's the latter, does that mean there is no more pay for the players for the rest of the season?

I agree with you. That's why I think they need to commit to August 5th no matter what. It seems to me they are betting the season on most of the provinces giving them a guarantee by mid-June that a " significant" amount of fans will be allowed. Ontario's stay at home order is about to be extended by another two weeks until June 4th. What kind of a response or guarantee does the CFL expect from Government by June 15th?

If we cant be in the stands in August it will prove the PM has been lying all along

As for your points on the community owned teams, keep in mind they kept their expenses in check due to not having played a season.

I believe it's been mentioned the teams & league will lose more money by playing then not playing.

Plus what exactly is a community owned team supposed to do if they actually, physically run out of cash? How does a business operate in that scenario, short of a government bailout or a very generous donation or a telethon?

As for the premise of Saskatchewan being able to rely on the Grey Cup, I'm not sure if that's something to be able to reply on entirely/alone either, because, with the game still 1.5 years away, is it even guaranteed the CFL will be around in its current form?

And for them, I think it's been suggested that they've had to use up their entire rainy day fund for this past cancelled season. Of course, we'll know for sure after they release their annual report, which looks like will be coming out next month?

The government isn't"lying". Nobody knows for sure how long it will take to beat this pandemic. This is not a political problem.
The problem stems from a few owners and ownership groups that either can't or won't commit to a start date.
It is the CFL that is not being 100% transparent. Some owners have publicly said "let's play no matter what!"
So what is the actual problem? All teams will lose money in 2021, so some people around that board of governors table have drawn a hard line in the sand and they are willing to take the league down with them.


The number of people getting vaccinated is rising quickly. If there's a way to allow for vaxxed people only in the stands (still following some of the rules), if that's deemed safe by the summer, it would be a major boon for the teams/League. Are they able to factor in that estimated percentage of the population into account?

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Really ??? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch ( just shaking my head)

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You do have some good points.
My biggest problem is that the league has said for years that it needs to grow and expand its viewership and expand to a younger demographic. Not playing for 2 years in a row does the exact opposite of that. I truly believe the plan, whether Bob Young likes it or not, is to " blow up" or rebrand the league and merge with the XFL. The 3 biggest market teams want it to happen as their respected ownership groups are very excited about a chance to expand.
I find it really hard to believe Edmonton, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are the 3 teams holding back on the 2021 season.
At least 3 or more of the ownership groups have decided , it is ok if they don't play in 2021.
If I didn't love my Ticats so much, I would take my season ticket money and spend it elsewhere, but instead I'm waiting patiently like everyone else.

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But some teams may not have the financing to play this season with no fans in the stands. It's easy to say that all teams have to be on board but some owners are in a better position with financing than others.
It's just like a year ago, they need fans in the stands. If it's no fans and TV only, some owners can't do it, just like last year.

Just like last year it's going to be the Premiers making decisions/calling the shots, we can only guess what will happen. They could say vaccinated people with one shot or only fully vaccinated people or take the risk and just open up to everyone.
If they couldn't play last year with no fans then they won't play this year with no fans in the stands, it's not like the owners somehow received financing.
Only hope for a season with no fans is MLSE financing it

You may be right but IMO the teams that have said "No Fans=No season" could afford it if they wanted to, but they don't see any real value in running a season as they are already looking ahead to the possible XFL expansion.
This is all speculation of course because the CFL is not really giving any specific details about the XFL talks and is still being vague about how many of the 9 teams actually want to play this year.
If the league , as a whole (as in all 9 teams) really wanted to play they would commit to August 5th and figure out a way to make it work financially.

The reality is community teams have limited contingency funds. The Edmonton Football Team announced a net operating loss of $7.1 million in 2020. To play without fans would rack up even larger losses. If the situation looks better closer to the start of the season they may be convinced to start a few games without fans. Otherwise it does not look good.

Are they backstopped by local or provincial governments? e.g. if a government is guaranteeing the team's loans or allocating budget dollars every year, I would consider this to be backstopping. And a team could ask for a one-time handout in these free-wheeling fiscal times.

If the teams are fully independent, that's a different story.

The same for the Bombers a $7 MILLION loss.
A $32 MILLION drop in revenue and despite no games at IGF they had to pay $3.4 MILLION for the operation of the stadium.

Looking at the financials from the Bombers, they were paid back $428,000 of the operating costs by the new owners of the Als for the 019 season. I assume all teams would've received that too.

They could do the same thing they did in Buffalo for the playoffs. 20% capacity, proof of vaccination and/or test at gate. That way they generate some revenue.

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What a looney thing to say…please expand on your wayward thoughts.

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Really? It's not enough that every Canadian news story and tweet is followed by endless comments about the evil Mr. Trudeau? Not sure we need that here as well.