questioning their sense of motivation

there's no doubt that alot of these players are "mailing it in". its all about being accountable for your actions and some of these guys, you can tell are done, tapped for intensity. perfectly thrown passes-dropped(bauman, armour for six). all you had to do was look at the bench when the camera panned across it, they're beat from this debacle of a season.
i can see why they went past davis in previous weeks to caulley cause davis does not have the concentration thing down yet. good game but that's what's expected from a rb.on the other hand, some may say they were beat before they started by a far superior squad led by a bunch of ex-cats willing to do anything to help a winning team. who said these guys were not good enough to play in ham.?
"upgrade our receivers"- great job flick 1000 yards,
peterson-1000 yards, nate curry is not a cfl calibre receiver, nor is jojo walker, nor is talman gardner.

the player choices they made this season are piss poor with the exception of the obvious few, someone should be held accountable for these decisions because although last year's crop of players underachieved, lets be honest-their oc was canned midway and it was all left to the unimaginative RL
and a beleaguered qb. maybe it wasn't the players huh?

its really sad to see a first year gm drag this team
through the mud all in the name of putting his "stamp" on the team.

i hope to see every last person in the stands get off your collective and give hitch what he deserves.

             city legend