Questionable Conduct by the Argos players ?

Nah, I'm sure lots of things go on all the time. They're not playing tiddlywinks and it was a sudden-death playoff game. These guys on both teams wanted to win more than anything else.

The Argos have a lot of dirty players on their defense. Kuale and Isaac and noted headhunters and let's not forget they brought the walking 15-yard penalty known as Adriano Belli out of retirement. I'm sure they we taking cheap shots, but it's par for the course with them this season.

The Argos did what they had to. Montreal has a heavier team. If they didn't want to get bullied all they had to do was defend themselves and their teammates.

Ironic that a team with Shea Emry and Chipper Cox would be complaining about dirty play.

Funny how teams that have no problem dishing out cheap shots are always the ones who cry loudest when they're on the receiving end.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Sour grapes make lovely "whine".

Amen. Nothing is as dirty as running by and closed fisting a guy in the nuts.

Not even deliberately trying to separate a man's arm from his shoulder?

Totally agree. ALs have been dirty for years.

I dont know, that is a close one. I'm still going to go with the bagging.

Hebert crying is pretty hypocritical too. This is the guy who jumped on Chris Matthews and slammed his head against the turf well after it was obvious he hadn't come up with the catch during the last game of the regular season.

It's laughable to hear Trestman crying a river in that video - - "I told the official two times about that bad player!" Seriously?

Trestman needs to grow a pair and realize that he's got a team full of phoney tough guy wannabes who put their tails between their legs and run the other way as soon as an opponent gives them a taste of their own medicine.

Still can't understand why Broullette dove headfirst into the turf. WTF did he think was going to happen? You don't hear too manhy cases of self inflicted whiplash.

Wasn't the same thing said about a playoff game between the Argos and Montreal in 2010 where the Argo players who lost had said that Richardson among others were throwing cheap shots? I recall Foley and some other Argos bringing that up before the playoff game this year.