Why are we playing our third string quaterback when we claim that our team is not "gelling" well? I realize that the game was out of reach and you don't want to get someone injured in a "nothing" game when it is out of reach but think about it! What a good time to say to Maas listen you call the plays try some new things, the game is over so relax and try to find your confidence. I know people will say yeah but he was terrible, and he was. However, if you have watched football long enough you will notice that in most case when the game is out of reach the winning team usually sits their starters on defence to rest them. They also usually use a zone type defence. Why not have your number 1 QB out there at that time to build confidence for next week. You play them back to back so work on next week stuff!
There is no use saying that Maas is hurt more then we know, then don't play him! If you can't trust your back-up then why have you not done something about that before now? That is a huge coaching oversite because as we have seen throughout the CFL this here QB's are dropping like flies.
My main point is how would you feel if you are Terry Vaughn and the coaching staff elects to put in your 3rd string QB by choice! He must be thinking what have I done to deserve this. If Williams didn't work out and there was more time left I think we might have seen Lancasters return next.
Our offence is hurting big time and how ironic is it that our OC gets hurt on the sideline. It just goes to show that our offence is getting hammered both on and off the field. Poor Joe he might get his walking papers and not even be able to walk! Yes that is our season so far, lol!