I see BC Lions jerseys on sale on cfl shop and bc lions shop for 109.99 and that is the one i want however i do not want Simon or Dickenson ( not that i dont like them ) i just want either Kidd , Clermont , Floyd or an O-Line man , where could I aquire one of these?

You can get one of those jerseys at a Lions game in the lobby. They personalize the jerseys to whatever name you want on them. I could be wrong but I believe they cost 160$ at the game.

Is there anywhere else you can order them? I'm in Florida and I'd love to get one of my husband's jerseys!!!!

Contact the Lions training office (604) 589-7627)

If you go to and click on Fanzone you will see CFL Shop, this link will take you to where you can find BC Lions merchandise.. in there just above the Geroy Simon jersey you will see one that says customize your own BC Lions Jersey.. so you can have any number and name on it.. CA$169.98 or US$152.98... says allow 2 to 3 weeks for customization. So FootballWifey you should be able to get one...

the shop at CFL Hall of Fame website. it's where I ordered my wifes custom Cats jersey. (place is out of Manitoba and ships continent wide)

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any colour, right?