Say Wake Up if we’re gunna win the Grey Cup now that we have Sinkfield


Solid reply, even when good news happens, you’re still grumpy ?

What’s the deal bud ?

Bud, think you’re confused. I didn’t start the thread telling the front office to wake up.

Re-signed everyone that we needed to, signed Breaux and now Sinkfield.

Couldn’t be happier.

LOL. That's right , he is confused . The guy who he should be looking for is the guy who looks like Freddie Mercury only he looks a little more dorkier then Freddie (hint,hint ;)) . ;DHey Dork wake up !!! The Cats just signed yer boy Sink !!!

In my mind..he was already here

I think YouTube was looking for this....

I am so confused ….
But I guess it doesn’t matter.

Sink is BACK