I walked into a sport card store today and walked around. The man asked me what im looking for. I said do u have any Alouettes merchandise? He said not much just this plaque, it was Kevin Johnson CFL east division defensive player plaque. Short story is Kevin's wife kicked him out and sold all his stuff. That explains why we found his grey cup ring on ebay. Anyway he was able to get a few things all he has is the plaque left...the price on the plaque is 249$ i brought him down to 200$, the guy claims he has to liquidate all he has in stock but wont budge from 200$. As i was leaving i said are u sure final offer? He said look come in with cash and will discuss. So my question, would a personal plaque like that be worth around 200$? I have a pic but not sure how to post it.

Sad to hear...

tough call i'll admit. 200-250 is reasonablish IMO if you want to make an investment on a guy who was clearly a pillar on that 2002 grey cup winning team's defence. I'd buy it only if I had the money to spare which I presently don't.

hopefully ray lalonde will do a 10th anniversary reunion for the team next year and maybe a lot of those guys could help kevin out. speaking of which anyone has any news on Lawrence Philipps? That grey cup was like his only championship I believe. I still get goosebumps watching the game and the east final.

Lawrence Phillips is serving a 10 year sentence for running a car over 3 kids in a park. It was his third strike probably will be up for parole in the next year or two. He won't make the reunion :?

No offense intended to anyone, but he only played in the CFL for 7 years and was an all-star 3 times...not the greatest pro football resume. But, If he is your favourite player, IMHO, it could possibly be worth $50-$100 tops. I think the store owner is reaching at $200...again, IMHO, he would have trouble getting that for a plaque of an all-time great like Calvillo!

None taken. Considering that the Calvillo frame for his 72 000+ yards is being sold at only 199$. of course that's without the autograph but still. :? Didn't think about that.

Makes you wonder why fate had him play on that championship team and not Pringle who was out for the season with an injury. Pretty much the best moment in his pro career. Such a waste. :?

Not to mention assaulting his wife or girlfriend at about the same time period, if memory serves.