so i check out most bomber sites on a semi regular basis and i see alot of people talking about us having some cap problems and all this stuff. my question is... if lapolice has said 1000x times that we pick at number 6 this year, that would mean that we dont really have any cap issues at all so why do people think we do.. im just saying if we had cap issues and were over by as much as some seem to think, we would have lost our first rounder and wouldnt be picking 6th overall...

what do u guys think? people seem to think the bombers are dumping salary cuz they got rid of 2 guys who were hurt in gavin and perry and 1 guy who who knows how much he was getting paid in lenny walls. lenny hasnt signed anywhere yet so maybe instead of cap problems its actually well, attitude issues or u know.. why do people think we are in cap trouble when all signs put to us being fine? if u go over by 100,000 u lose ur pick, we still have it.

IMO, this cap probem and salary dumping is just bs and i think its just our new staff putting their mark on the team so i guess the question is... why do people think we are dumping salary because of cap problems when well, lapo has said several times that we pick 6th overall. id suspect he has the inside scoop on the cap so like why do some people seem so i dunno what the word is, so like adament? is that how u spell it? why are people so sure i guess that we have cap problems when all signs point to having no cap issues at all.

All last season we heard we had cap issues for various reasons. Someone (I don't know who but supposedly with the team) apparently told the media we were over the cap just after Kelly was fired. Being over the cap doesn't mean we automatically lose our 1st round pick. Over the cap up to $100,000 is a fine and over $100,000 is the loss of the 1st round draft pick. If we are over the cap I doubt it is by much.

Personally I think the salary dumps that have been made have had more to do with certain older players being over-paid and the PTB wanting to re-distribute the money and spend more in other areas.

i agree. overall last year we had some real issues especially on the offensive side. i think these moves are being made to free up space to sign a wack of younger imports and hopefully continue building on the good young core of the team.

....We won't know officially until the audit is in....but i would hazard a guess and agree blue blood...IF we're over.. it isn't by much and our draft pics are intact...The words uttered by Bell that the financial situation with the Bombers is ' not a pretty picture' can be a little unsettling to say the least.....HOWEVER to what degree... is the question.....we'll see... :roll:

And I suspect we can thank Mr. Simpson for the overage, just like when the Riders got slapped because they didn't get the player to sign off before going on the 9 game IR and the salaries ended up counting.

i guess if we are over, i guess paying out bonus's to guys like milt stegall (who didnt play at all last season) and reportedly got a 40k bonus or something is the reason we are over if indeed we are.. and we probably arent even over the cap that badly. i mean when u think about it, we had alot of rookies on the team last years, guys like hefney and doggett and ryan and bernard and the list goes on and on, these guys couldnt have been eating that much salary. Doubt we are even over in all honesty but yeah if we are that would suck if it was cuz we had to pay a bonus out to someguy who didnt play.

plus guys on the IR dont count towards the cap do they? i dont think so atleast. so guys like lefors and whoever else who were hurt for periods of time, gavin walls, fred perry, terrence edwards was on ir for a couple weeks.. those salarys or whatever wouldnt really matter would it?

The salaries of players on the 9 game IR don’t count to the cap for the time they’re on the 9 game. The 1 game IR does count.