Does anyone know when the ticats changed there helmet logo design? I ask this because I live in Massillon Ohio, and all this city is about is their blessed Massillon Tiger high school football team. Canton Ohio is 15 minutes down the road so there is big football history in this area.

But...back to the question. I think that an american organization may have pilferred a Canadian logo. I'd like you all to go this site and see if you agree.( ) and click on the "read more" link in the article titled "time for tigers to get serious" There you'll see a pic. of a player holding a helmet with the "new" design for this year. Might be a copyright infringement no?

it looks exactly the same, just an orange cat instead of yellow. id say so

I don't think it infringes on any thing, because you always see miner teams using profetional teams logos. Like my home towns hocky team uses the Buffalo Sabers logo.

pretty close, i must admit. what are they gonna do though. Does anyone think the cfl would sue a high school?

There's some college down south that uses the Stamps logo, just red ... I think it's called "Southern Methodist" ... perhaps they asked the Ti-Cats for permission? In any case, this does happen fairly often ... some of the High School teams in Calgary are named Redmen (like McGill), or Browns (like Cleveland) ...

But that's definitely the same logo, just with different colours.

btw, that's for high school?!? Yikes, they're rich!

The Ti-Cats did indeed tweak their logo to make it look more modern...good eye, geo.

.........looks like the ti-cat logo........but the taby's should take it as a compliment, really the world has too many stupid lawsuits to make an issue over a logo infringement...........

.........reminds me of the story of the stampeder's logo, the galloping mustang........Ford unveiled the Mustang in '64, with the horse emblem on the grille, Calgary adopted it on their helmets in '65.......Ford threatened to sue the stamps unless the emblem was removed, claimed copyrights had been violated.......then a little college in the midwest US (can't remember which one) came forward with evidence that they had originated the design some 10 years earlier for their sports program and one of the Ford designers had attended that school.........the school administration was absolutely giddy 'cause if Ford could successfully sue the Stampeders then surely this college could sue the a$$ off Ford big time and reap the benefits.......the Ford lawyers packed up their attache cases and went home........end of story....

Back in the 80s the Washington State or U of W, not sure which, had identical uniforms to the bombers, blue & gold with the W on the helmet, I dont recall a fuss being made either way about it.

I have another question, the old Hamilton logo looks like a cross between a cat and a tiger, the new logo just looks like a tiger. Does anyone else get this sense?

Geo's Tiger website kinda prose my ponit.

Yea I wasn't pushing for any kind of lawsuit, just don't know what the law says regarding these kinds of things, but I really can't stand when we here in america "borrow" something from another entity and can't even give proper credit!

I exchanged e-mails with a person from "Massillon proud" last night and asked him where the new logo design came from and it's not like he tried to hide it...but....he was very uneducated about the name of the team. He simply sent me this response to my question. "CFL's Hamilton Wildcats"

Typical ignorrant american!

I dug deeper and found out the answer. The high schools new coach has ties to the Ti-Cats and apparently called them and struck a two year deal to use the logo on the helmets to help shake things up for this year (they sucked last year)

Don't know if this has been addressed yet but that schol is best known as Southern Methodist University...and they're projected to go 1-10 this season, so much for rebuilding after that recruiting scandal, hey 'Stangs?


The way the Cats played last night, I hear the high school is changing their logo. That is, if the lawsuit they're planning against the Cats for defaming the logo doesn't work.

More BS.

Hey! I'm just going by what is told to me. I don't know what is BS and what's not. I just brought up the fact that save for a color change, this High School is using THE Tiger-Cat logo.