hi there aloutte fans im coming from hamilton to watch my ticats play,and want to bring my back pack ,to cary my jacket,will they allow back packs inside the staduiem?,of corse no food or beveridge or cameras,

Should not be a problem. Security will inspect it at the entrance but as long as you do not have any cans or glass, you should be OK. Technically, you are not supposed to bring in outside food or cameras but I used to and they never stopped me.

I have never heard that you cant bring in a Camera.

Also don't bring an umbrella, bring a "poncho" raincoat will get less problems with fans arounds (if it rains) & security might confiscate it at the gates.

Good point. Nothing more annoying than having someone's umbrella hit you in the face and dump rain in your lap!

When I had season tickets, it used to be printed on the bottom, but like I said, nobody ever said anything to me.